What is adjunct surveillance?

Users typically pay for a product in two ways: with their money or their data. Many "free" products monetize user behavior and data by using it for advertising purposes. In this case, the user is likely aware they are being tracked. However, there are cases where the user is paying for an app or a service and is still being tracked by adjunct properties, without their knowledge or permission. We call this adjunct surveillance.

Zoho's stand on adjunct surveillance

At Zoho, we have removed all non-essential or intrusive third-party trackers of any type that try to gain access to our users' data. In all areas of our business, from our free apps to paid products, we promise to protect you, the user, from non-essential or intrusive third-party trackers. Whatever activity data we collect is to provide you the best service. We will never sell your information to any third-parties.

Choose Privacy. Choose Zoho.

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