We have tried below to explain the significant changes in Privacy Policy and the reasons for the changes. You understand that reading this page is not a substitute for reading the new Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read and understand our new Privacy Policy.
  1. Under the head "Information from cookies and tracking technologies", we have clarified our stance on the use of third party cookies. We have clarified that we do not use third party cookies for non-essential and intrusive tracking.
  2. We have added a few examples of essential notices and emails under the head "Opt out of non-essential electronic communications" for better clarity.
  3. Under the head "Children's personal information", we have explicitly mentioned that you are responsible for complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws if you process information of children using our products and services.
  4. Under the head "How secure is your information", we have added a link that provides information on Zoho's compliance and third party certifications.
  5. Under the head "Data processing addendum", we have removed references to GDPR to clarify that our customers have the options to sign Data Processing Addendum(s) based on their region (including GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendums for EEA based customers).
  6. We have inserted a new paragraph titled "Automation and Artificial Intelligence" to explain the scenarios where we use service data for automation and artificial intelligence purposes. We have also explained the source of the data that is used to power the automation and artificial intelligence technologies.
  7. Under the head "Enforcement of our rights", we have added 'spam filtering' as one of the reasons for which we may disclose data to third parties.
  8. Under the head "Notification of changes", we have stressed upon the need for verification of email address so that customers may not miss important notifcations that we send through email.
Apart from the above changes, we have made some minor changes to make the privacy policy easy to read and understand by clarifying our position on various points, correcting language mistakes and using consistent terms. You can click here to see the exact changes that we have made in our privacy policy.