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Zoho Polls


Screencast of Zoho Polls

Molly McDonald has created a nice screencast of Zoho Polls. You can find the screencast on her blog post on Zoho Polls below: http://demogirl.com/2007/07/10/zoho-polls-just-one-of-many-online-apps-from-zoho/ Zoho...

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MIT Technology Review writes about Zoho

Richard Brandt at MIT Technology Review has an article on Zoho titled “Can Zoho beat Google?“. From the article : Zoho has become a prolific...

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Sorting of poll results in Zoho Polls

The sorting of poll results feature is provided in Zoho Polls. It applies to both vote polls and rate polls. You can sort the results...

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Range Voting using Zoho Polls

One of our users of Zoho Polls has created this wonderful poll to demonstrate Range Voting. http://zohopolls.com/brokenladder/2008-u-s-presidential-election-poll-using We used to call it a rating poll,...

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Featured Zoho User – Barry Dahl

There are so many of you users out there who use Zoho in your day-to-day life and on your blogs/websites. We will be featuring some...

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Latest Features for Zoho Polls

Zoho Polls has come up with an update in which some new features have been added and performance issues fixed. The major features are listed...

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Making of Zoho Polls

We launched Zoho Polls last week. Let me share how Zoho Polls happened. It was just started as a fun project and is completely the...

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Zoho Polls

We are pleased to announce Zoho Polls – 100% free online polls. http://zohopolls.com – Are you faced with a lot of options and need opinion...

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