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Introducing Zoho Social for Digital Agencies

Today, with lots of feedback and ideas from our agency customers, we’re thrilled to introduce—Zoho Social for Agencies—a special edition of Zoho Social that caters to the needs of digital agencies managing social media for multiple brands.

2 min read

Privacy invasion and ad monetization are two sides of the same coin

Online advertising and consumer privacy will always be at loggerheads. A business built on online advertising is successful only when it uncovers consumer information; it absolutely...

General 2 min read

Announcing Zoho Sprints – Ship your best products with agile planning and tracking

Over the last ten years, businesses from every industry, including those that build software, have been using Zoho Projects to successfully manage their work. When we looked...

Zoho Sprints 3 min read

Introducing Zoho One

Today we launch Zoho One. It’s our biggest market launch ever. We’ve never spanned so many products. We’ve never released across so many markets or...

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Zoho Books is GST-ready for India

India’s tryst with GST began at the stroke of midnight on June 30th. Billed as a landmark tax reform, GST will not just unify the...

Zoho Books 3 min read