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A Change for the Better: Working with Changes Just got Easier

Copyediting has become an integral part of marketing communication today. Content put out by your organization is consumed by people across the globe. Most organizations...

Zoho Writer 2 min read

Introducing Zoho Finance Plus – The Most Comprehensive Cloud Based Financial Suite for Your Business

Zoho is ‘The Operating System for Business.’ That’s not just a catchy slogan. We believe in it. We’ve been living it. Over the past few...

Finance Plus 3 min read

Announcing the new Zoho CRM: Sell Smarter, Better, Faster

It’s been a whole 7 months since our last big Zoho CRM launch. We have been working hard so our customers can sell smarter, better...

Zoho CRM 5 min read

Introducing Zoho Workplace – A comprehensive suite of cloud applications for your workplace

We are glad to announce Zoho Workplace – an integrated suite of applications that simply put your entire office on the cloud. Zoho Mail is...

Zoho Mail 2 min read

Why adding CRM in your G Suite will make your sales team a pro

If you are running your business with G Suite, you have made a smart choice. With Gmail, Docs, and Drive, G Suite provides you a...

Zoho for G-Suite 3 min read

Our biggest launch and five lessons we want to share from it

Zoho CRM 2016, that we released earlier this year, is our biggest launch yet; and that is both going by the number of features we shipped...

Zoho CRM 5 min read

Dear Brands, Please Use a Social Media Tool that Talks to Your CRM

Whenever I run into a problem with a service I frequently use, I try to reach out to the brand on social media. This is not just so I can (hopefully) find a solution to the problem, but I also do it to see how that brand handles social media interactions with regular customers.

3 min read

Zoho Data Centers in Europe

We are pleased to announce the opening of two data centers in Europe — one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and another in Dublin, Ireland. With...

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