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Introducing Multi-column Layouts and more in Writer

You’ve been asking, and now, after hundreds of thousands of code changes, we’re delivering. Your documents are about to get a lot prettier. We’re extremely...

Zoho Writer 1 min read

Why should your brand tell a story?

Storytelling is the age-old art of bringing people together and keeping them engaged through tales of passion, heroism, and intrigue. In our own day and...

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Why adding CRM in your G Suite will make your sales team a pro

If you are running your business with G Suite, you have made a smart choice. With Gmail, Docs, and Drive, G Suite provides you a...

Zoho for G-Suite 3 min read

Our biggest launch and five lessons we want to share from it

Zoho CRM 2016, that we released earlier this year, is our biggest launch yet; and that is both going by the number of features we shipped...

Zoho CRM 5 min read

Dear Brands, Please Use a Social Media Tool that Talks to Your CRM

Whenever I run into a problem with a service I frequently use, I try to reach out to the brand on social media. This is not just so I can (hopefully) find a solution to the problem, but I also do it to see how that brand handles social media interactions with regular customers.

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Zoho Data Centers in Europe

We are pleased to announce the opening of two data centers in Europe — one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and another in Dublin, Ireland. With...

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Zoho CRM 2016 is ready.

Our biggest release ever brings multichannel sales, a brand-new email client for salespeople, a marketplace where developers can connect with end users, and much more....

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