A Complete online HR suite

Zoho People Plus is a set of handpicked integrations, rolled out in one suite that empowers your workforce and your HR teams. Every HR team will now have the power to perform all their functions and help your people to be their best. 

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People management at its best

Great people management improves productivity. From onboarding to performance reviews, attendance management to time tracking, our HRM solution helps you direct your best assets. Get the self-service edge and make strategic decisions.

Recruitment re-imagined

Put an end to the hassles of handling reams of paperwork and emails in your hiring process. Streamline recruitment with a comprehensive platform that customizes and automates talent sourcing, applicant tracking, and hiring. Kickstart onboarding by pushing hired candidates to your HR software and enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end HR system.

Seamless expense reporting

Get better insights into employee expenses and create better budget plans for your workforce. Zoho People Plus let's you track expenses by users, departments and projects. You can also automatically sync an employees' reporting manager as the approver for expense claims.

Connect the social way

Zoho People Plus unifies all your teams' communication to enable better inter-team collaboration. From posting announcements to solving problems, this bundle helps employees discuss ideas and stay updated on all workplace activities. Get colleagues interacting across the organization. 

Simplified team communication

Keep your teams connected and productive irrespective of their geographic locations. Give your employees the ability to chat, call, share unlimited images, videos and files almost instantly. You can also automate your routine tasks using our intelligent chatbots.

Secure Sign

Put an end to printing and sending hard copies of documents for signature. Send contracts, separation letters, policy updates and more in bulk, but with personalized information for each employee or partner. Set reminders, add personal messages, and track the progress of your signatories.   

Get efficient - Get productive - Get together.

Let's create a better workforce.

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