Zoho People 4.0

An HRMS that's practical, comprehensive, and efficient. It's #PEOPLE4U

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Seamless Service Delivery

Build services that fit your organization

  • Bring all the services you provide under one roof, for easy access.

  • Craft end-to-end services with step-by-step configuration of forms, permissions, approvals, and workflows. 

  • Add all the forms, documents, and FAQs for every service, in one central place.

Resolve queries in no time

A  case management tool without the back-and-forth of emails.

  • Create categories and build a central system for employees to ask questions. 

  • Assign an agent to every category and build a knowledge center with documents, policies, and an FAQ.

  • Collaborate through comments, assign tasks, and resolve questions quicker than ever before.

  • Use reports to make the right decisions.

Numbers matter

Integration with Zoho Reports for advanced analytics.

  • Tap into a plethora of pre-built reports—like attrition and early turnover—that'll save you time. 

  • Build custom reports with the fields and forms of your choice.

  • Create dashboards to have a single view of your statistics, and pin them in Zoho People.

Complicated leave regulations aren't a headache anymore

A new method to customize leave policies.

  • Create dynamic leave policies based on an employee's date of joining, and have advanced options like prorate accruals to suit your needs.

  • You can choose to whom the leave policy is applicable and have an extensive leave management system in place. 

Perform common tasks fast

Dashboard and self-service

  • A customizable and interactive dashboard for employees to mark their attendance, check their goals and approvals, and easily access all their data. 

  • Self-service gets feature-rich with approval delegations and different modules, like leave, attendance, and related forms—all under one roof. 

Mobile Ready

  • Access all services, from attendance to timesheets and custom services, from your mobile device. 
  • Ask a question, resolve a case, or track progress even while you're away from your desk.
  • Approve requests, apply leave, mark attendance, and perform a whole host of other actions. 

Start transforming your HR operations with Zoho People 4.0!

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