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Online Training

1. What is online One-on-One training?  

Through online training, we offer an one-on-one learning experience with our Zoho People expert trainers. Whether you are brand new to Zoho People or a more advanced learner, our trainers and the course will match the pace of learning to your needs. You can write to us at training@zohocorp.com. Our training team will reach out to you with a course plan according to your organization's needs.

2. Can I reschedule my registration?  

Yes, you may reschedule a course that you have signed up for.

Please note that you can only reschedule for a whole course, not part of it. For example, if a trainee has registered for June 4, 5, and 6, they cannot attend the sessions on June 4 and 5, and reschedule the session on June 6 for a different date.

Virtual Training

1. What is virtual classroom training?  

Virtual classroom training is an instructor-led, online program based on the Zoho People Training course that you choose. This training emphasizes technical demonstrations and takes place entirely online. You'll also receive participation certificates and learning materials at the end of the training.

Note: Virtual training follows a specific course outline and will not be personalized.

2. What is the difference between online training and virtual classrooms?  

Our online training program is based on requests from users and is scheduled depending on the user and trainer's availability. It is a one-on-one session, and trainers only handle one organization at a time.

Virtual classrooms, on the other hand, are scheduled beforehand and listed on this page, where users can select a convenient slot for them based on their time zone. This will be an instructor-led, online session where the trainees can all see the trainer and interact with each other. Users from different organizations will take part in virtual classroom sessions.

3. Will virtual training be personalized for my business or industry?  

No. The virtual training will follow a specifically formulated course plan. It is not tailored to meet the needs of any particular industry or any individual preferences.

4. Does the training cost include individual implementation?  

No. Implementation for individual customers is not included in the virtual classroom training or in online One-on-One Training

5. Can I turn off my video while participating in the training?  

If you're not comfortable, you will have the option to turn off your camera. You can still interact with the trainer and your fellow trainees.

6. Will you provide access to trainings' recordings?  

We do not record our Online One-on-One or Virtual Classroom Trainings. Hence we do not share these recordings.

Traditional Classroom Training

7. What is Traditional classroom training?  

Traditional Classroom training is a one-to-three day training program with three to four hours of learning a day, depending on the course you select. This is a instructor-led program, which will enable admins to set up and run their organization account efficiently.

This training is highly recommended, as it includes hands-on sessions, technical demonstrations, and more. You'll also receive participation certificates and learning materials at the end of the training.

Note: Classroom training follows a specific course outline and will not be personalized.

8. What should I bring to the training?  

Trainees should bring their laptop and charger to the session, as there will be hands-on exercises.

9. Will I be charged if I need to reschedule my registration?  

Rescheduling requests received up to two weeks before the start of a course will be honored without any additional charges. Please note that rescheduling requests will not be honored if you are switching to a different mode of training (e.g. from classroom to online), or switching to another course category (e.g. from Basic to Intermediate or Advance).

10. Can I pay for just one day of this three-day classroom training?  

We do not currently have an option to register for just one day of training. There's no per day charge. The program is designed to be one unit, in which we take a user through the basics of setting up their account on day one, to more advanced features such as process management and module customization on subsequent days.

11. Why should I pay for this classroom training program? What does the course fee cover?  

The value in classroom training programs is that these are instructor-led, structured, and are tailored to help administrators configure and run their Zoho People efficiently. Product experts from Zoho will visit your city and train you for one to four full days. You will have the opportunity to work on the product under the guidance of the instructors, and clarify any questions you may have with them directly in person. Instructors will introduce new concepts, run demonstrations, and hold classroom discussions around each session. Your course fee also includes great food and refreshments.

12. My payment hasn't gone through. What should I do?  

If your payment hasn't gone through after registration, please get in touch with training@zohocorp.com with the following:

  • A screenshot of the payment error that you received.
  • A request for generating an offline invoice attaching details as applicable to your country.

13. How do cancellations work? Will I get a full refund on my booking?  

You may cancel your booking at any time. You will get a full refund if you cancel at least 7 days before the event date. Last minute cancellations are not encouraged and refunds for any requests less than 7 days from the event date will be handled on an ad-hoc basis.

14. Can I bring along a colleague to attend just one day or one session?  

No. The classroom training is a closed event. Entry is restricted to participants who have received a confirmation of their registration for this training.

15. Which one is suitable for me?  

It's advisable to go through the agenda and decide which type of training course will be suitable for you. While we do encourage asking questions during both types of training, if you're a person who will want to clarify in-depth product related and business related queries clarified privately, it's advisable to go for a one-on-one training. If not, you can attend one of our virtual classroom sessions or the traditional classroom sessions, where the trainer will allow trainees to ask questions after each topic and clarify it before moving on to the next topic.