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Training and development

What is training and development?

Training and development form a cohesive program that encompasses a wide array of strategically developed learning opportunities within an organization. While training focuses on immediate learning and growth in a job role, development is more future-focused, helping employees develop their skills and improve their careers.

Training and development

Why implement a training and development system?

It can be overwhelming to plan and execute a full-fledged training and development program. Software can streamline the process while allowing you to maintain a centralized view of all your training operations.

Increase growth, satisfaction, and motivation among your employees

Proactively identify performance gaps and provide adequate training

Make plans for upskilling and reskilling your workforce

Strategically develop a succession plan

Develop faster training

How can Zoho People help?

Targeted training for better performance

Developing targeted training programs will deliver the best returns. Zoho People allows you to create engaging courses for particular departments, skill sets, job roles, and locations to be added as part of your onboarding or other necessary training.


Fits different training styles

You can add self-learning courses to your curriculum in addition to trainer-led sessions that allow space for discussions on the different perspectives of employees and trainers. This blended style allows for virtual training, allowing trainers and learners to connect instantly.

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Training feedback that matters

Gathering feedback from learners is one of the best and easiest ways to analyze your training program. Learners and managers can provide feedback so you can identify areas for improvement.

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Manager's space

Employees are more likely to take courses that are suggested by their managers. Managers can suggest relevant courses to their team members to help them develop their skills and stay future-ready.

Insightful reports

Back up your training program with statistics. Zoho People allows for quantitative analysis of your courses, learners, and trainers with reports that help you identify where you're performing well and how you can improve.


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