Boost employee recruitment and retention

Connect your HRMS with a leading talent acquisition software for faster hires and a better onboarding experience. Zoho Recruit's integration with Zoho People allows recruiters to convert a successful hire into an employee from a single window.

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Make hiring less tiring

Employee experience starts with recruitment. Zoho Recruit is a combination of an applicant tracking system and a candidate relationship management platform that allows HR teams to fill roles quickly and efficiently.

  •  Source from a wide pool of candidates
  •  Manage resumes and conduct interviews
  •  Stay on top of hiring trends with analytics
  •  Convert a candidate to employee with just a click

Looking for a robust recruitment management system to run your end-to-end hiring needs?

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  • Smart talent sourcing
  • Employee referral
  • Resume management
  • AI recruitment
  • Hiring pipeline
  • Recruitment automation

Eliminate paper processes

Create a seamless experience by eliminating manual data entry and frustrating paper documents, all while providing a great candidate experience. Map fields and populate them with jobs and candidate data using Zoho Recruit. Streamline all of your HR processes instead of bouncing back and forth between systems. This is a more flexible approach to managing human capital.

Convert candidates to employees

Convert every successful hire into an employee with Zoho's HR suite. Once you move the candidate status from hire to employee, your Zoho People account gets created automatically with the proper access rights and privileges. Then, you can effectively manage multiple applications and initiate the onboarding process from within Zoho Recruit.

Measure the true success of your hiring efforts

Managing the hiring process should be the top priority for any recruiter. With Zoho Recruit's hiring pipeline, you can view candidates from your recruitment process in a collection of stages. Recruiters often focus on certain metrics like time-to-hire, time-to-fill, and quality of hire to measure their performance and ensure the hiring process is data-driven. This integration allows you to create a comprehensive solution for the full HR management lifecycle.

Employee experience starts with recruitment

The shift from "hire" to "employee" is just a click away. Integrate with Zoho People to initiate your onboarding processes.

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