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Zoho People integrates with Resume parser tool - ResumeGrabber

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One of the biggest pain point of any recruiter is populating the resume database with resumes from different sources like mail attachments, resumes in folders, from job portals etc. And with the web 2.0 wave, sources have been extended to social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc too. Recruiters spend almost 60-90% of their time manually updating the resume database but for success they need to spend most of their time to connect with prospective candidates and improve their placement ratio.

Hence resume parsing tools play an important role in the real productivity of a recruiter. In line with this to reduce the pain of the recruiters Zoho People has integrated with eGrabber's flagship product - ResumeGrabber Pro, a resume parser tool. Now Zoho People users can extract resumes directly from attachments, folders, job portals, social sites, google search results etc into Zoho People using this tool and no more manual entry.

Video demo

The salient features of the tool are -

Powerful Search

Scans for resumes from search engine results, resume websites, e-mails and PC folders.

Smart Filter

Resume Identification Technology accurately recognizes and displays only resumes from a bunch of documents.

Intelligent Analyzer

Identifies candidate contact details in the resume and transfers it to your database.

Save Resumes

Save search results and labels ‘hot’ candidates for future reference.

Duplicate Check

Checks for duplicates against your Zoho People account before adding the resume. Saves time that you would otherwise spend on processing multiple records of the same candidate.

How to setup Zoho People and ResumeGrabber integration -

  • Download and install ResumeGrabber (10 days trial available).
  • Click 'Menu' on the ResumeGrabber toolbar and choose 'Options '.
  • From the left panel navigation choose 'Destination setup' under 'Options' menu.
  • Choose Zoho People from the ‘Set destination application as’ and click 'Transfer Options'.
  • Provide your Zoho People account details, and click ‘Login’.
  • Duplicate check can be configured from 'Transfer Options'.
  • Map/Enter the default value related to Zoho People's resume form fields, click OK to close ‘Destination setup’ window
  • Now, choose your resume source (Selected folder, MS-Outlook, Google Search, Yahoo Search, ...) on the ‘From’ drop down on the ResumeGrabber tool bar.
  • If the source is ‘Selected folder‘, select the desired resumes or all resumes from your PC folders and click 'Grab' from ResumeGrabber Pro tool.
  • ResumeGrabber would capture all/selected resumes and display in its evaluation grid.
  • You can screen the resumes and select the desired ones (by choosing checkboxes) and click 'Transfer'.
  • Login to your Zoho People account in the browser to see the transferred resumes in the resume pool.

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