Zoho People Webinars

Here's one more way to learn about Zoho People. Our webinars will offer an in-depth introduction to our most important features and functionalities, making you the People expert.

  • What HR should be doing during this pandemic

    Hear it from one of the leading industry experts, Nick Holley, on what HR should be doing during this pandemic.

  • Simplifying recruitment and employee management with the new Zoho Recruit add-on

    In this webinar, we will explore how a unified system for recruitment and employee management can increase your efficiency in manifold ways.

  • Getting started with the performance management system

    From picking performance metrics to running appraisals smoothly, this webinar explores all aspects of Zoho People’s Performance Management System.

  • Introducing Onboarding in Zoho People

    An introductory session on the new onboarding feature in Zoho People. Learn how you can seamlessly onboard candidates and employees into your organization.

  • A-Z of attendance management

    Learn how to optimise attendance management in your organisation. Define policies, assign shifts, integrate attendance tracking devices, and automate attendance management with Zoho People

  • Identifying the stars and duds of your workforce with performance management

    Learn how to effectively track and evaluate employee performance using Zoho People's comprehensive performance management system.

  • Custom services: Building apps for your custom HR needs

    Learn how to create and deliver services for any custom HR need of yours, with Zoho People.

  • Learn how to track and manage time efficiently

    Learn how Zoho People's Timesheet can be your ideal solution to tracking and managing time efficiently in your organization.

  • Introducing Services

    This webinar introduces you to 'Services', one of our new features in Zoho People 4.0. Learn how to create a new service, set service owners, automate service-related tasks and more in this webinar.

  • The Art of leave management- From automation of leave to real time analytics

    From start ups to enterprise companies, leave management is crucial for workforce efficiency. Learn how to optimise leave management in your company with automation and analytics.

  • Managing your employee's journey- From onboarding to exit

    A happy and productive workforce is all about employee experience, which starts right from day one. Set a step in perking up your employee productivity with this webinar, as we show you how to automate the onboarding and exit processes of your employees, using Zoho People.