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With good partnerships, we can do more.

Zoho People has helped millions of businesses improve their HR process. Join in our growing community of partners—we promise to share our growth with both you and your clients. If we grow, we grow together.

Why should you join the partner program?

Zoho People's partner program has been designed to raise the bar for the product assistance and implementation guidance available to prospects. The program will ensure that you gain extensive knowledge on how to implement, integrate third-party applications, set up custom workflows, and become a pro in the product's capabilities. 

What do you get?

Get recommended to our customers

After the completion of the partner training program, we'll recommend you to any of our customers who might need product assistance.

Profit sharing

Whenever you successfully onboard a new client for us, we will share our profits with you!

Latest updates on the product

Our product is always getting tweaked with new feature releases. Our partners get to learn about all the new releases and get access to the updated product before anyone else.  

Online product training

Once you register for our partner program, you'll be onboarded into our comprehensive training procedure. You'll transform into a product expert at zero cost.

Official recognition

You will become an officially recognized product consultant for Zoho People. This will ultimately increase your market presence and clientele.

How does partner program work?



Register for the partner training program


Level 1 training

Product experts will help you get a comprehensive understanding of our product features through an exclusive online demo session . If you haven't taken the L1 training already, write to to schedule your session.


Level 2 training

Our product experts will help you become well-versed with the product. After this, you can try implementing use-cases given in the test PDF to confirm that our efforts have added value to your product knowledge. 

If you already feel confident enough in your proficiency with Zoho People, you can sidestep these steps. Download the PDF of our use-cases, and show us what you can do! 

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