Zoho People On-Demand Webinars

  • Overview of Zoho People

    This webinar recording walks you through all the features of Zoho People, providing you with a big-picture overview of what Zoho People can do for you.

  • The virtual future of organizational learning with a people-centric approach

    Employee learning and development is core to business success. With COVID and remote work, virtual learning has become popular. But, are we really successful in delivering virtual learning?

  • How do we make HR Agile

    People are the engine that runs your business. Your organization should be armed with the ability to sustain and overcome adversities, adapt to changes, and evolve.

  • How to get performance management right – what the research tells us

    Performance management is crucial for every employee, not just to perform well but to grow in their careers. If done right, performance management can bring desirable changes in the way people work and help build a culture of high-performance.

  • Strategic re-engineering of HR through and post Covid

    During the earlier parts of the pandemic, HR responded to the unfolding situation in ways that were effective, but mostly reactive. As we move through and beyond the pandemic, it's time to look at smarter and more proactive approaches to people-based business strategies.

  • Whats new September

    We explore everything new in Zoho People and how to get the best of them. In the webinar, we will walk you through the below new features of the month- September.

  • How HR can use technology to build better organizations

    Technology has played a vital role in helping businesses tackle the COVID-19 conditions, enabling business continuity, better collaboration and creating good remote experiences.

  • Returning to the workplace

    In our second episode of the Expert Series, we talk about "What HR should be thinking about as businesses return to the workplace."

  • What HR should be doing during this pandemic

    These are testing times for organizations, especially for Human Resources. From the reallocation of resources, to finding new ways to manage a remote workforce, there are so many things that HR should be focusing on right now.