Get your teams back to work safely

Businesses have gone through tremendous changes in the past few months. We've adopted remote work strategies to combat the pandemic and prioritize our employees' health. It's now time for organizations to embrace a new normal and prepare for a safe return to work.

If you're planning to restart office operations for your organization, we've got you covered!

Note: Office Readiness is offered for free with Zoho People

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How can an office readiness solution help?

Reopening your offices has to be done with immense care, putting the needs and well-being of your employees above all. Here are some ways an office readiness solution can help.

  • Compliance and government regulations
  • Tracking employee health and wellness
  • Planning for resources and seating spaces
  • Planning for workplace hygiene
  • Ensuring safe entry into workplaces for employees and visitors
  • Better tracking and approval methods to ensure safety

Keep track of employee health

Whether employees are working from home or the office, monitor their health through a simple survey. Based on responses, you can draft workflows that automatically notify the executive in charge to take immediate measures. This way, you'll be able to help employees proactively and maintain a safe working environment.

Prepare your work locations

Your organization might have offices in different locations. Are you opening only a few locations? Are you minimizing the resource capacity for each office? You can specify these details and also assign a dedicated person to take care of safety measures in each premises.

Request to work from the office

Employees who wish to resume working from the office can simply fill out a form with all the required details like their work location, which office premises, working dates, and mode of travel.

You can also make it mandatory that employees who request to work from the office submit a health survey at least once in the 15 days before the request date.

Track office visitors efficiently

Having a proper system to track visitors separately is essential. Visitor management in Zoho People enables you to record visitor details including the location they'll be visiting, the date of visit, purpose, and who they're visiting. This ensures complete oversight for everyone in the office.

Ensure quick and accurate approvals

Whether it's visitors or employees who like to work from the office, it's important for you to keep tabs and have complete control to ensure the highest degree of safety. Configuring requests so the immediate manager and the office supervisor must both approve will eliminate confusion and mitigate risks. Whether approved or rejected, you can automatically notify employees and visitors.

Get the advantage of a complete HRMS

Our office readiness system comes without any additional cost. You can use it with other Zoho People features like online check-in and check-out, time tracking, time off management, and performance management. These features all enable better operational efficiency, so your organization can thrive during these difficult times.

Prepare your workplace for the new normal with Zoho People

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