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Zoho People's iOS and Android apps let employees, managers and HR executives seamlessly perform their HR activities even when they're away from their desks.  

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Track productivity

Managers can keep tabs on employees' work progress, check their time on projects, their progress of KRA and goals or other tasks. Even if it's a remote team, managers can always help their teams stay on top of productivity. 

Track availability

Mobile attendance and leave systems enable managers to track employee availability and plan the day ahead better.   

Mobile attendance for mobile employees

Field employees and remote workers can now mark their attendance or log time for projects on the go. IP-based access and Geo-restrictions ensure that employees only log time from the right locations.

Track and apply for leave in a jiffy 

Employees can keep tabs on the number of days they've taken off, their leave balance, and holidays. They can request leave approval, add attachments like medical certificates, and view leave policies, all from their smartphones. 

Track performance

Wouldn't it be great for employees to keep track of their work from anywhere? Our mobile app lets employees mark the progress of assigned goals and KRAs, add new ones, or update the scores of their skillsets right from their smartphones.

Ask questions on the go

If employees have a question, they can go ahead and ask the best-qualified HR agent from wherever they are. HR agents can pick up the questions, assign tasks, and answer on the go. 

Keep up with your tasks 

Create, assign, and track tasks and update their status from anywhere. Zoho People lets you stay on top of things even when you're away from your desk.

Employee info at your fingertips

Easily search for employees through the directory in the mobile app. Get all the details you need, and make a direct call from inside Zoho People.  

Easy collaboration

Share ideas and discuss critical business decisions with your team or group, or make announcements using the collaborative space within Zoho People.   

Always stay in the loop

Be it a shift changed, announcement made, task assigned or a case closed, the notification center will always keep employees, managers and admins informed. 

80,000 + leaves applied

700,000 + mobile check in/out

110,000 + project hours logged

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