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Do away with filing cabinets

Add, automate, and access all your employee records, from personal data to job responsibilities, in Zoho People's consolidated storage system. Save space and increase productivity with an intuitive Human Resource Information System.

Go all the way with a dedicated HRIS

Why do a little when you can do a lot? From onboarding to leave management, track and guide your employees at every step with your HRIS. Zoho People’s easy customization helps you build the platform in just a few clicks according to your organization’s needs. Automate routine tasks, so you can focus on your people.

  • Employee Database

  • Leave

  • Analytics

  • Check In & Check Out

  • Employee Self-Service

  • Attendance

All in one All in one
All in one All in one

All in one

Empower your employees to manage their own information with self-service portals. Optimize payroll planning with leave and attendance tracking. Enjoy flexibility and security with document management and E-sign features. Administer benefits with clarity. Do all of this and more anytime, anywhere with the mobile app. Zoho People has you covered for everything you need.

Work out a winning workflow

Design optimized workflows for your business with just a simple click, drag, and drop. Decide how to customize your HRIS and get into the action. Bolster security with custom access controls to sensitive information, and streamline all your processes individually or one at a time.


On the records, off the charts

Maintain records of all your employees across designations, departments, and locations. Access the information you need from a single, safe database in the blink of an eye with your HRIS. Avoid switching across multiple applications and tabs and use that saved time to analyze and understand trends that will take your business to the next level.

On the records, off the charts
On the records, off the charts

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