Centralized database

Businesses have multiple branches across various locations. Collect and store all your information in a single, centralized database. It's easy to process, simple to access, and difficult to hack into. Our HR software enables you to view and access employee information across all departments, designations, and locations. 

Leave requests

As an HR professional, you have multiple things that need your attention. Approving leave requests shouldn't consume your valuable time. Take the weight off your shoulders with Human Resource software that lets you approve/reject leave requests with just a click or a tap. Define leave types and policies, and keep track of your employees’ time off.

  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
  • Leave management
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Attendance tracking and shift scheduling

Know who is in or out of the office, and plan your schedules better. HR software keeps tabs on employee attendance and configures their shifts. The software also maintains their timesheets for precise reporting.

Consolidated information

In an organization that involves hundreds of employees and thousands of processes, data maintenance and retrieval can be a nightmare. Zoho People’s Human Resource Software intuitively collects and allocates this information, giving you the data you need in minutes.


Numbers to insights

From sales and attrition trends to profits and growth, generate reports of every kind to understand the details of your business. Zoho People allows you to dive into data to uncover patterns and trends that can help you solve problems and make better business decisions.

Automate everything

From simple forms to complex workflows, configure all your business processes according to your needs. Automate everything in a few simple steps, and turn your focus from processes to people. Our unique HR software is capable of making all your tedious, repetitive tasks automatic and accountable. 


"Zoho People is quite user-friendly and a hassle-free solution. The best part is, it's self-explanatory! I didn’t even do a walkthrough for employees on this because it's that self-sufficient! I see my employees accessing Zoho People day in and day out."

Ajay Gopalakrishnan HR Lead - Pureplay.

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