Time Tracker Features


To learn more about the important features of Time Tracker such as Manage Jobs, Client list, Integration with Zoho CRM accounts, Time Logs and Time Sheets.

Jobs, Projects and Clients

You can manage jobs, projects and clients simultaneously with the help of the time tracker module. Reporting Managers can schedule and assign jobs to their subordinates and have a complete record of their employees' work items. You can add clients and their contact details like contact person name, email ID, phone number, address details etc., Learn More.

Time Tracker Integration with Zoho CRM

Time Tracker is integrated with Zoho CRM 'Accounts' module for you to easily associate a Client/Account for a job directly while adding a job in Zoho People. Learn More.

Time Logs

Do you know how much time you spend at work productively? Here's an useful tool to help you find that. Learn More.

Time Sheets

Timesheets are basically used for client billing, payroll processing, project tracking and management etc., Learn More.

Learn more about time tracker forms use cases.