Time Logs


To know how much time you spend at work productively, Time log lets you to find that. Time Tracker allows you to record time spend on various activities in two easy ways: Daily Logs and Weekly Logs. It lets you log your daily and weekly time logs to give you an overview of all your reported activities. It also enables you to instantly run a timer for a work item.

To log time, you need to first add jobs. Learn More. Once you have added jobs, you can start logging time.


A timer is essential to track your productivity time. It is always good to have a timer running in the background that will allow you to know precisely what is taking up your time. The timer will help you to run timer clock in the background for a specific work item that you log in. The timer will run non-stop until you stop it manually. It can also be resumed from its current state at any time you want.

How to run a timer for time logs

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > List View.
  2. Select Project and Job from the drop-down list or provide description in the box if needed and select Billable or Non-Billable from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Start Timer.
  4. The timer will run continuously in the background until you stop it manually.
  5. If the timer is stopped and if you want to resume the timer, click Resume timer.

Log Time

How to log a single work item?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > Log Time.
  2. Select Job Name and Project Name from the drop-down list, provide Work Item, Date, Description, Billing Status and Attachments.
  3. Click Submit.

Daily and Weekly Time Logs

Fill out the daily and weekly timesheets and keep track of the total hours worked for each day and each week. This will help you improve accountability by increasing the billable hours. Please follow the steps below to add daily and weekly time logs.


  • You need to first select the employee name under the Filter option before logging the timesheet.
  • The logged hours shouldn't be more than the estimated hours.

How to daily log a list of work items?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > Daily Log.
  2. Select Job Name and Project Name from the drop-down list, provide Work Item, select Billing Status, provide Description and Hours.
  3. To add more number of work items, click Add Row.
  4. Click Submit.

How to log weekly timesheets?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > Weekly Log.
  2. You can add various job items for the current week. If you would like to add job items for some other week, you can select the specific week from the calendar.
  3. Click Submit.

Import/Export Time logs

You may need to integrate employee data from Timesheet with other applications, and vice versa. For that purpose, we have provided the import and export options to help you seamlessly integrate data from one to another. Please follow the steps below to import/export time logs.

How to import time logs?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > Import.
  2. Click Browse to attach the file from your computer that you want to import.
  3. Click Submit.

How to export time logs?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Time Logs > Export.
  2. Select Users, Clients, Project Name, Jobs, From & To date, Billing Status, Approval Status and the file type.
  3. Click Submit.


  • Approved logs consists of logs which are completely approved by all levels of approvers. If the logs are in waiting for approval status it comes under Unapproved logs.
  • Raw and rejected Timelogs can be edited. Submitted and Approved Timelogs can't be edited.
  • In Timesheet page, the edit icon will be visible when the cursor is kept on the corresponding row. But, the Timer logs cannot be edited.
  • In Timelogs page, the logs can be edited when clicked on the corresponding job name.