Zoho People has extensive employee management features and is a good fit for companies of all sizes. Here is a quick overview of the key features of Zoho People.

Manage employee informationRecord, manage and organize all information in one central location and retrieve them quickly as and when needed.Company settingsAdd your company details like organization name, website address and company address. Define super administrator and personalize your company logo.
Roles and permissionsDefine and assign roles to employees in your organization. Set up role-based permissions and determine what a user can and cannot access.Leave trackerDefine various leave types for your organization. Generate custom leave reports of your employees and manage their leave information more effectively.
Time trackerEasily record time spend on various activities. Log daily and weekly timesheets and generate custom reports.Attendance trackerTrack your employees' time, attendance, absenteeism, holidays and much more.
File cabinetShare all your personal and company files online in one central place.Date based actionThis date based execution option lets you pick a date field from a record in the form and allows you to define the day and time for the rule to be triggered.
Custom forms and tabsDrag and drop tools to create new custom forms. Add fields, quickly modify, delete and re-order them as per your requirements.Custom viewsCreate new views to filter out the records that satisfies the specified constraint. Also customize the views to view the required set of fields for the reporting purpose.
Mail alertsConfigure automatic email alerts to improve your workflow and be instantly notified of specific actions such as requests, status updates, edits and approvals.Multi-level approval processConfigure multi-level approval process for all forms and records in your organizational account and get them approved.
ChecklistsDefine your HR processes as checklists and track them regularly. Schedule your time to be more efficient and productive.AnnouncementsPost and share concise organizational announcements regularly to keep your employees up-to-date.
Website embed codePublish web forms online and add the records to the Zoho People forms directly from your website.Search employee dataIndex your employee's records easily with the help of powerful and refined search function.