Zoho People offers an intuitive tool for users to collaborate effectively with organization members about the latest activities and keeps you well informed of your approval status, job assignments, organization announcements, reminders and alerts - all under one single roof! Zoho People not just give users the empowerment through Self-service, but also provides collaboration oriented features to communicate effectively with one another in the organization to build up a strong social environment.

Benefits of Feeds

  • Collaboration oriented features
  • Instant and streamlined information
  • Latest updates on approvals, announcements, reminders and other activities
  • Custom quick links for easy access, Dashboard customization and filter feeds.

Actions & Notifications

Private MessageWhen a user post a private message to another user in the organization.
Department MessageWhen a user post a message to their respective department members.
CommentsWhen a user comment on an activity like messages, approvals, alerts etc.,
ApprovalsWhen you send a request for approval or receive a request for approval and about the status of the whole approval process.
HolidaysWhen a new holiday is added to the list.
FilesWhen a new file (either relating to you or for the entire organization) is updated.
AnnouncementsWhen a new announcement is made.
AlertsWhen a new alert message is triggered.
RemindersWhen a new reminder message is triggered.
JobsWhen a job is assigned to you or when you assign a job to other users in the organization.


Feeds lets you send a private message directly to someone in your organization or to your departmental members. Just click Post and type in something to post a message.

  • Private Message: To send a private message, type @ followed by their name and click Post.
  • Department Message: To post a message to your department members, select Department from the drop-down list, type message and click Post.

Apply Leave

To apply leave right from the feeds page:

  1. Click Home > Apply Leave > Select Leave Type.
  2. Select Leave Date from the calendar.
  3. You can directly mention half day and full day from the Calendar while selecting dates. The first click will be marked as full day, second click on the same date will be marked as half day and third click on the same date will undo the date selection.
  4. Provide Reason for leave.
  5. Click Apply Leave.
  6. Click View leave report to view the list of applied leaves.

Add Job

Job is a task that is either assigned to you by someone in your organization or you work on your own tasks. To learn more click here.

  1. Click Home > Add Job.
  2. Provide Job Name.
  3. Select Date from the calendar.
  4. Provide Hours.
  5. Click + and enter user name to assign Job.
  6. Click Add Job.

Log Time

You can log your daily and weekly time logs to get an overview of all your reported activities. To learn more click here.

  1. Click Home > Log Time.
  2. Select Job Name and provide Work Item.
  3. Select Date from the calendar.
  4. Provide Hours.
  5. Select Billing Status as Billable or Non-Billable.
  6. Provide Description.
  7. Click Log Time.

Dashboard customization and Filters

You can customize the dashboard according to the need. Customization can be done with the following options: Attendance, Department members, Announcements, Birthday Buddies, Quick Links, Favorites and New Hires. Restrict the feeds view by using the in-built category based filters. Just click Filter icon to filter the feeds like Approvals, Announcements and so on. You can also customize Email notification to receive Emails when someone mentioned you in the post/comment or someone post a message to your department.

Quick Links

Add quick links like Holidays list page, Leave view page, time logs view page or anything you would like to access quickly.

Example Scenario - Leave Approval

You may get lot of feeds about different activities like when an announcement is made, when an employee record is modified etc., Now let's take the Leave Approval use case as an example and see how that works in Feeds.

Say, approval has been configured for casual leave type and approval is set for two levels. When an employee applies casual leave, a feed will pop-up on the approvers and the employee dashboard wall. Once the first-level approver approves the leave request, it will go to the second-level approver and when the leave request is completely approved, the employee will be notified.