Error Code - Zoho People

Error Code Message
7037Disabled/hidden forms
7040Permission denied to view records
7038Permission denied to add records
7039Permission denied to edit records
7044Invalid search parameter or missing search value
7045Invalid specified search value
7041Disabled/hidden field
7042Missing request parameter
7034Invalid input value
7029Invalid view name
7024Missing records
7043Missing records for specified criteria
7031Error in Internal server
7046Missing field details
7032Invalid field name
7016Invalid input data
7047Permission denied/ No data found
7048Invalid user name/Id
7049Missing record for the specified record Id
7050Admin can only edit the field
7035Duplicate values
7020Error in form validation
7019Exceeded payment limit
7012Invalid form Id/Name
7051Invalid field length
7052Missing mandatory field values
7053Invalid Email address
7054Invalid date field value
7055Invalid date format
7056Invalid number field value
7057Super Admin role/ Employee status cannot be edited
7058Missing number field input in specified range
7059Invalid change in Employee status
7060Cyclic dependency in departments found
7061The department cannot be the self-parent
7101Inactive leave type
7102Invalid Hourstaken format
7103Leave type not chosen
7104Leave type not applicable
7105From date must be lesser than To date
7106Leave application date must be earlier than leave type's effective start date
7107Apply leave before notice period
7108Expired Leave type
7109Leave is already availed in applied period
7110Leave applied beyond allowed limit
7111Leave application date must be greater than the date of joining
7112Leave period must be lesser than consecutive days of leave allowed
7201Invalid URL
7200API Invocation Failure
7202Invalid Authtoken
7203Invalid extra parameters found
7204Invalid data type found for input parameter
7205Mismatch in input format
7206URL is invoked only via POST method
7207Page not found
7062Exceeded maximum record limit
7022Access denied
7011Invalid XML data format
8000No parameter specified
8001Wrong value for parameter
8002Wrong format for date parameter
8003Invalid From and To-date
8004Error in job deletion
8005Error in timer operations
8006Error in changing job status