Authentication Token


To utilize Zoho People API, Zoho People authentication token is required from your Zoho People account.

Authentication token generation

Authentication token can be generated in two ways: Browser mode and API mode:

Browser Mode

Request URL:

Sample Response:

#Tue Nov 30 13:08:11 PST 2010 AUTHTOKEN=a8b6de25b5bf481824c9c4173c56231a RESULT=TRUE

Key description:

#CommentAuthtoken generated date.
AUTHTOKENThe permanent authtoken generated for Zoho People API access.
RESULTValue is TRUE if the authtoken is generated successfully.

API Mode

Request URL:

The POST body should include a string in the following format

?SCOPE=Zohopeople/peopleapi&EMAIL_ID=Zoho People Username or Email ID&PASSWORD=Your Zoho People Password

Mandatory fields to be passed in the URL:

EMAIL_IDYour Zoho login name or email ID
PASSWORDPassword for the Zoho ID

Sample Response:

#Tue Nov 30 02:16:57 PST 2010

Key description

#CommentAuthtoken generated date.
AUTHTOKENAuthtoken generated for the request.
RESULTValue is TRUE if the authtoken is generated successfully.


Here's an example for sample API call with Auth Token


  • Here P_EmployeeView is the ViewName.

Manage authentication tokens

  • Log into your Zoho People account. Click on the profile picture icon > My Account

  • Click on Active Authtokens

  • You will be able to view the list of auth tokens, remove and manage them as required.

Important Notes

  • The authentication tokens are user-specific and its life is permanent.
  • The authentication token of a user's account becomes invalid if the user is Login Disabled.
  • The parameter names that are passed in the URL should be case-sensitive.
  • Contact, if faced any difficulties in generating authentication token.