Roster Management

How do I add shifts and assign weekends?

What happens to the existing location based weekends/holidays if shifts come into effect?

How do I associate an employee to a shift?

When shift-based weekends/holidays takes effect?

Is it possible to change the time of a particular shift without affecting the previous data?

Is it possible to change the shift for a particular day directly in the calendar?

How do I find the employee's shift details, if they're assigned to work in two different shifts in the same month?

Is it possible to have periodic shift changes made automatically?

I would like to add allowance for employees who are working on shifts. Is this possible?

An employee has done a check-in on a particular day. However, there is no value under Shift Allowance for that employee. Why?

I want only the Reporting Manager to have permission to edit employee shifts. Is this possible?

Employees are not getting any notification when there is a change in their Shift. Why?

Organization Working Hours Configuration

Where can I define the working hours for my organization?

I would like to set minimum working hours for my organization based on Shift Hours.Is this possible?

Can I change general attendance settings for a specific user?

Is it possible to set attendance settings that are applicable only for a specific shift?

Can I define flexible hours of work for my organization?

What is the difference between strict and lenient mode?

Some employees forget to do their check-in/check-out. Is there a way to send them a reminder to notify this?

How do I view the location from which the employee has logged attendance?

What is the implication of Pay Days/Hours Calculation under 'Settings'?

Is there a way to view a comparison of hours of work done against expected hours of work?