How can I create a new leave type according to my organization's needs?

I am able to see that there is a leave type called 'Absent'. What is the purpose of this leave type?

Could you please explain how the include weekend/holidays and exclude weekend/holidays options work while defining a leave type?

I would like to have the weekends and holidays included in the leave period even if the employee splits the leave under different leave types like Casual and Sick Leave. Is this possible?

What is leave accrual? How does it work?

Where can accruals be used ?

How can I roll over the unused leave balances to the next year?

Can I define a leave type to be taken within a particular span of time?

What are the restrictions I can create for a leave type?

How can I configure half day leave?

Is it possible for an employee to log in a couple of hours as permission on a given day?

Can I configure a leave type for a particular employee based on seniority or experience?

I do not want employees to club Sick leave with Annual leave while applying leave. Is this possible?

Can I define leave entitlements for new employees until probation confirmation?

I would like to add extra days of leave for an employee on top of the entitlement. Is this possible?

How can I see the initial leave balance of all employee profiles?

How do I over ride the general leave policy for a particular employee when there is a roll over of leave involved?

How can I override the generic leave policy for specific employee?

How can I see the customized leave entitlement of a particular employee?

Can I export customized leave entitlement details?

How can I view the active leave types that are created for a particular department?