Holiday Calendar:

How do I create holiday calendars for a specific location?

How do I create holidays based on specific shifts?

How do I create a restricted holiday?

How does an employee make a request for restricted holiday?

I would like to add 5 holidays as restricted holidays and let employees avail only 3 out of the 5 days. Is it possible?

How do I add a half-day holiday?

How can the holiday list be pushed to Google Calendar?

I find duplicate entries in my Google Calendar. Why?

How do I update the Google Calendar with the new entries that are made in Zoho People?

Compensatory Off:

How is compensatory-off calculated?

Where can employees mark their days to be utilized later as compensatory off?

How does an employee apply for a compensatory off?

Is there a way to have employee's weekend or holiday work recorded automatically?

How can I edit/delete a comp-off schedule?

We have started using the Compensatory off Scheduler from this month. However, I would like to run this for entries of a day in the previous month. Is this possible?

Is it possible to record compensatory off in hours?

I would like to set an expiry period for the compensatory off requests that are logged. Is this possible?

How can compensatory off be availed only for few hours?

I would like to have compensatory off requests logged only for full day's work. Is it possible to bring in a restriction?

I would like to compensate employees with two days of leave for every holiday on which they have worked. Is this possible?

Is there a way to carry forward compensatory off records of the past for an employee?

Is it possible for an employee to add a time off request for hours worked as over time?