Automation helps you configure mail alerts for improved workflow, create checklists to track tasks, schedule reminders for key events, set multi-level approvals and integrate with third party APIs. By automating most of your everyday HR activities, you can eliminate redundancy, increase accuracy, and ensure your data is always timely and complete.


Workflow automation helps you automate all your HR processes, by eliminating most of the manual administrative work. You can preset and customize the workflow process and full access control to the administrative processes will be given. Learn More.

Mail Alert

Improve your workflow with automatic email alerts and be up-to-date at all times. Get instant notifications when specific actions such as requests, status updates, edits, and approvals are executed. Learn More


Make sure everything that needs to be done, gets done. Track your tasks and schedule time to be more efficient and productive. Learn More


Creating Tasks and assigning them to respective owners helps have a track of the job done by individuals and also helps to maintain a record of activities to be completed. Learn More

Field Update

The field gets automatically updated in the related form when selecting or providing the specific lookup value in the form. This feature is very useful to avoid manual value entries in the related forms and thus saves time. Learn More


It communicates with the third party applications by sending instant notifications every time when a user performs an action in the Zoho People organizational account data. Webhooks are so useful, flexible and totally customizable. Learn More

Custom Functions

Custom function lets you create user-defined functions that can be reused anywhere in Zoho People. You can maintain and edit custom functions and the script will be in one central location. These functions are mainly created to manipulate data, connect with a third party and internal applications and update responses in Zoho People. Learn More


There are three types of Schedulers in Zoho People. 

Custom Scheduler:

The custom scheduler is an enhancement of the custom functions that helps to create user-define functions to be reused anywhere in your People account. Custom Scheduler enables you to create a schedule to automatically carry out a specific action that will be performed using Custom Functions. Learn More

Report Scheduler:

Every module like Leave, Attendance, Time Tracker and Performance has its own reports which are available under the Reports tab. However, Analytics helps you create reports that are very specific to your organization. You can create custom reports using Analytics. The job of the Report Scheduler is to send these reports automatically to specific recipients periodically.

If you have reports which should be sent periodically to some recipients, Report Scheduler is the best way. Learn More

Mail Scheduler:

Email scheduler is useful when you want to send reminders to your employees periodically. This is useful in scenarios where you want to remind employees to submit their bills etc to be part of reimbursements while processing salary. This way, you can do away with maual emails sent to employees to remind them of dates to complete important tasks. Learn More