How can I integrate my attendance device with Zoho People?

What are the pre requisites for attendance device integration?


I would like to print the attendance report of Employee Profiles for a particular day. Is this possible?

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Is it possible to obtain a report on the later comers of a particular shift of a specific location?

I would like to view a report on the attendance details of the active users of a particular team for a period of one month. Is this possible?

How do I view a report capturing the total number of hours of work done by a particular department for a month?

I would like to know the total number of days an employee has been present in a particular month. Is this possible?

I want to download a report with the total number of hours of work done by Employee Profiles in a particular location. Is this possible?

I would like to see complete attendance details of an employee including check-in, check-out time, shift details etc for a particular month. Is this possible?

How can I see the monthly/hourly status reports of all employees?

Can I see the monthly or hourly report for a particular employee alone?


How can I import attendance details?

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