Travel approval (Related field criteria)

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The related field criteria are the one which helps to relate one form to an another form through lookup field. For example, if the travel request form and the employee form are related to each other through an employee id lookup field in the travel request form, all the fields in the employee form will be listed and matched in the travel request form criteria. To automatically want to update your employees to be qualified for travel only after a specific period of time with respect to their date of joining, you can follow the steps listed below.

Workflow process

  • Click Setup (Gear icon) > Approval > Add Approval
  • Select Travel Request in Form Name. Learn More about creating a new form
  • Provide Related field travel request as Name of the Approval
  • Click Set Criteria and select Date of Joining {Work}(Under Employee ID (Employee)), Before from the drop-down list and provide 365 in the Days
  • Click Configure Approver
  • You can either manually configure approvers to approve/reject the form or enable the system to auto approve/auto reject the form based on your requirement
  • To add multi-level approvers, click the add (+) icon and select the Approver type. Approver types are as follows: Reporting To (up to 5 levels), Department Lead of Login User, Approver based on Role, Department Head, Department Members, Employee and Allow employees to choose the approver when adding a record
  • Click Enable follow-up option for this approval, if you want a follow-up e-mail either One-time or Repeat after the number of days from the approval trigger date
  • Click Configure email template
  • Click Save