Performance Management

Performance Management

Our performance tool helps you initiate the appraisal cycle, customize the appraisal forms, workflows and mail alerts according to your requirements, select your feedback type and categories, add/edit/tag your skill set, define the potential range, add summary and import performance data for either the existing cycle or for the new cycle. The main aim of the performance module is to track performance consistently and to provide feedback as and when it is required. 

The main features are as follows.

  • Adding/editing/tagging skill sets
  • Creating skill set matrix
  • Initiating appraisal cycle
  • Adding goals
  • Sharing periodic feedback
  • Customizing feedback type
  • Communicating with employees regarding appraisal

Zoho People's Performance module consists of the following modules to effectively evaluate your employee's performance.

  • Goals - Defining goals gives your employees more focus. It helps you measure performance better. These goals can also be linked to the jobs that you create in Time Tracker.

  • Skillset - Helps you create skill sets for domains. This can be then mapped to employees to evaluate their performance.

  • KRA - Helps to define Key Result Areas in order to measure performance with respect to the defined KRAs. Goals can also be mapped to KRAs and the same can be rated.

  • Competencies - Helps to define the competencies required for an employee to fulfill the duties as defined by his/her designation/role. 

  • Feedback - Giving and receiving feedback is essential for the growth of an organization. The Feedback module helps your employees give and take feedback through three methods - peer to peer, Reporting To and 360 degrees.

  • Summary - Writing periodic summaries go a long way in helping managers during the final performance evaluation.

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