Org Settings

Org Settings

To start up your attendance system and to make the most utility out of Zoho People's Attendance module, this page features general attendance configurations, setting up your organization's working hours, attendance device integrations, attendance regularisations, and relative approvals.

Org Working Hours Configuration

Zoho People fits and complements any organization with unique attendance policies. Learn in-depth about setting your company's working hours, two prime modes of capturing attendance, check-in/out settings, employee-specific settings, IP and geo-restrictions and more.

User/Shift Specific Settings

Zoho People offers intuitive customizations so you can have settings confined to specific users and shifts as per your organizational needs.

Attendance Device Integration

Add accuracy to attendance by integrating your attendance device with Zoho People's bio-metric portals. Know more on our base parameters and pre-requisites for bio-metric integration.

Attendance Regularization

Zoho People hosts attendance regularization options for error-free attendance management. This section features steps to regularize missed check-in/out entries, editing attendance entries and more.

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