Shift Management


If your organization has more than one Shift, then you will be in need of a tool that can manage your Shifts. There are various challenges like assigning all employees to different shifts, taking care of shift rotation etc. With Zoho People you can add shift, edit shifts and also have shift rotation done automatically. 

Defining Shifts and Shift based weekends

  • From your home page, go to Attendance > Shift Schedule > Shift(s) > Add Shift

  • Add shift name in the box for Shift name
  • Choose the shift timings from the drop-downs for From and To
  • Check the boxes of the respective days for “Weekend definition”

  • Click Submit

Note: If you select Location based Weekend & Holidays then it will be based on the settings configured under Settings > Organization > Holiday Calendar

Assigning Employees/Users to Shifts:

An employee can be assigned to a shift by the following options:

Employee Shift Mapping:

  • Go to Attendance > Shift schedule > Employee Shift Mapping

  • Click 'Associate Employee'
  • Select the employees from the drop-down by clicking on the list icon

You may also select 'Location' and make employees of that location be included in the Shift.

Note: The employees who belong to the location at the point of time when you associate the shift, will only be part of the shift. For eg. If you have selected 'California', then the employees who join in 'California'  at that time you associate the shift will be included as part of the shift. The ones who join after you have completed this association, will not be part of the Shift. To include them as part of the shift, you will have to either associate the employees by selecting 'Users' or click on 'Associate Employee' and select 'California' from 'Location' again, to make the new employees part of the shift.

  • Select the 'Shift name' from the drop-down
  • Provide From and To date

  • Click Submit

Shift Calendar:

  • Go to Attendance > Shift schedule > Shift calendar

You'll find the button “Associate Employee”. Once this button is clicked it will lead you to the same steps as mentioned under 'User shifts'.

Automatic Shift Rotation:

In order to rotate Shifts, you do not have the need to change it manually. The Shift Scheduler takes care of rotating the Shifts automatically. Follow the steps given below to do this. 

  • From your home page, go to Attendance > Shift Schedule > Shift Rotation > Configure Rotation
  • Under Scheduler details, give a name for the schedule
  • Set a frequency for the schedule- for eg, if you select Monthly, and give a date, then the Shift scheduler will run every month on the given date
  • Enter the time at which you would like to have the scheduler triggered
  • In the next section 'Shift Rotation Details', under Shift Span, define the span of the shift - i.e, the period for which the Shift is applicable
  • Under "Applicable For", select the required option from the list of Roles, Departments, Designations, Location, User etc
  • Under Shift Rotation, select the shifts appropriately
  • Use the + icon to map more shifts

  • Click Submit

Note: An email notification will be sent to the employees whenever there is a change made to their shift.

Configuring Shift Allowance:

If your organization functions on more than one shifts, you can have different rates added for different shifts. This Shift Allowance is apart from the pay that is given to the employees. Once you add Shifts Allowance, you can have the rate populated for each day for employees and export the data. This exported data can then be added to the pay of the employee.

To enable Shift Allowance, follow the steps given below

  • From your home page, go to Attendance > Settings > Shift Schedule > Shifts
  • Click on any existing shift or add a new shift
  • Under 'Shift Allowance', check the 'Enable' button
  • Enter the Rate per day for the shift

  • Click Submit

To define minimum hours required for Shift Allowance, follow the steps given below

  • Go to Attendance > Settings > General Settings
  • Under 'Shift Settings', enter the number of hours, under 'Eligibility for Shift Allowance'

  • Click Submit

This means that employees should have clocked-in the minimum required hours to be eligible for Shift Allowance.