Integration with Zoho Books

Zoho People's integration with Zoho Books makes it easy for you to carry out your billing/invoicing transactions.

Integrating with Zoho Books

  1. From your home page, go to Settings > Integrations > Zoho > Zoho Finance Suite.
  2. Click Configure to enable integration for Zoho Books. 
  3. Select the organization to which you would like to push your time logs.
  4. Click on Auto sync to push approved timelogs to Zoho Books automatically.
  5. You can enable auto-sync option, later also (by clicking Integrations > Zoho > Zoho Finance Suite > Zoho Books > Edit /Revoke)

Once this integration is enabled, all the Employees, Clients, Projects and Jobs will be synced to Zoho Books.

The mapping will be done as explained below:

  • Employees (Users) and Employee Profiles (Non-users) who have a valid email id in Zoho People will be pushed as Employees.
  • Clients in Zoho People will be pushed as Contacts in Zoho Books.
  • Projects in Zoho People will be pushed as Projects in Zoho Books.
  • Jobs in Zoho People will be pushed as Tasks in Zoho Books.
  • Time Logs in Zoho People will be pushed as Time Entries in Zoho Books.

Revoking Integration with Zoho Books

  1. From Settings, go to Integration > Zoho > Zoho Finance Suite.
  2. Go to Zoho Books and click on Edit/Revoke.
  3. Click Revoke.

Pushing Approved Time Logs to Zoho Books

Click here to see the conditions that should be adhered for the time logs to be pushed. 

Manual method I :

  1. From your home page, go to Timesheet > Reports > Integration Reports.
  2. From the drop-down, select Zoho Books Report.
  3. Filter the time logs to be pushed based on User/Clients/Projects.
  4. Click the Zoho Books icon under Push To.

Manual method II:

  1. From your home page, go to Timesheet >Timesheets > My Timesheets.
  2. Filter the approved timesheets and click on the required timesheet.
  3. Click on the 'Push To' option and select Zoho Books

Now, the approved time logs pertaining to the chosen timesheet will be pushed to Zoho Books.


If you have enabled auto-sync under Integration configuration, then the approved time logs will be pushed automatically as soon as a timesheet is approved.


  • At a time, only one integration can be enabled(either with Zoho Books/Zoho Invoice).
  • Disabling integration will not affect the already synced data.
  • Time logs which are approved, with clients and log hours not equal to 0 can only be pushed.
  • Time logs once pushed cannot be re-pushed.
  • Any changes made in Zoho People to the already pushed time logs will not have any impact in Zoho Books.
  • Time logs which fail Zoho Books validation alone will be skipped, rest of the time logs will be pushed.
  • At all points of time, the Timesheet module in Zoho People should stay enabled for the integration to be enabled and active.
  • Ensure that the "Timesheet" module is enabled in the Zoho Books organization with which you are trying to enable integration.
  • Ensure that the log hours you are pushing from Zoho People falls within the max log hours you have configured in the Zoho Books organization.
  • At any point of time, Clients, Projects and Jobs of Zoho People will be in sync with the integrated Zoho Books organization.
  • Projects are pushed to Zoho Books with 'Billing method' as 'Based on Task Hours'.
  • Whenever an org is switched from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Books or vice versa, the same will be updated in Zoho People if the integration is active with that organization.
  • Summary of pushed/un-pushed time logs will be sent as a mail to the user who is pushing the time logs from Zoho People to Zoho Books. This mail will be sent only when an admin pushes time logs manually and there is a failure in this action.
  • Only the administrator of the account/ location-based administrator of the account(if any) (configured under User Access Control > Roles) and location-based administrator for Timesheet module (if any) (Configured under User Access Control > Permissions > Admin Operations) can push time logs to Zoho Books.
  • Only the administrator of the account/Timesheet settings administrator can enable/disable Zoho Book integration.