Dual Reporting

In your organization, an employee may be reporting to two individuals. For such scenarios, the dual reporting feature can be enabled. When dual reporting is enabled the reportee's approvals can be viewed and approved by either the primary or the secondary reporting manager. Both of them can access the reportee's data. 

This feature is especially handy in situations where the primary reporting manager is unavailable, allowing the secondary manager to step in and handle any required operations. 

To enable this feature,

  1. Go to Settings > Company Details
  2. Click Modify Settings


  1. Go to Employee Settings and select Enable

Note: You can specify a user's primary reporting and secondary reporting manager by editing their respective record under Organization > Employee.

Use case

Let us consider an organization that has enabled the dual reporting feature.

EmployeePrimary Reporting ManagerSecondary Reporting Manager
Henry Maxwell Tim Ryan (Absent) Lee Yang (Present)

Let us say Henry applies a leave request for an urgent business trip.  A leave approval request goes to his reporting manager.
However, Tim Ryan, Henry's reporting manager is on leave and thereby cannot approve the leave request at this time.
Lee Yang, the secondary reporting manager can now intervene and approve the leave request, thereby preventing lack of action and delay.