Copy Customization

When an organization wants to create another new account and wishes to replicate many of the modules and forms of the base account (the primary account), this can be done using Copy Customization.

  • From the base account, go to Settings > Copy Customization 
  • Under Customization Request enter the email address to send the request to 
  • Click Send Request

Once the request is accepted, go to Copy Customize and select the modules and the forms that you'd like to replicate.

  • Enter the email address you are customizing
  • Click Copy

Now you've successfully reproduced the required modules and forms from your base account to your new account.

Note: System modules and forms that are generic to all accounts will compulsorily be reproduced on the new account.

Employee/User specific configurations and data should never be replicated from one account to the other.

This feature is available on request. Contact to access Copy Customization.