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Here's one more way to learn about Zoho People. Our webinars will offer an in-depth introduction to our most important features and functionalities, making you the People expert.

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This webinar touches on all modules and features of Zoho People, providing you with a big-picture overview of everything People can do for you.

Priya Dharshini KTechnical Consultant
Presales - HR Products
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Gopinath J Presales Engineer
Presales - HR Products
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Priya Dharshini KTechnical Consultant - Presales - HR Products

Priya Dharshini works as a Technical Consultant for Zoho HR Products. She enjoys interacting with customers and provide them with thorough product demonstrations, training, webinars and handles technical queries. She inherently understands that a customer is the most valuable asset of an organisation. She believes in making a lasting impression on customers by working with them and assisting them in the best way possible.

Gopinath J Presales Engineer - Presales - HR Products

Gopi is a part of the Presales team at Zoho. With his 6+ years of expertise in presales, technical support, customer success and product training, he is quick and top notch in delivering solutions to our customer’s business requirements. Possesses the ability to build and maintain business relationships with decisions makers and influencers.

The A to Z of Attendance management:Best practices to minimize employee downtime.

Learn how to optimise attendance management in your organisation. Define policies, assign shifts and automate attendance management with Zoho People.

Empowering employees:Employee self service, collaborative team building, and automation.

Learn how Zoho People can help you with employee empowerment, team collaboration and more.

Identify the stars and duds of your workforce with Performance Management

Learn how to effectively track and evaluate employee performance using Zoho People's comprehensive performance management system.