What user roles are available in Zoho People and how many users can I add to my Zoho People account?

In Zoho People, there are totally five default user roles: Admin, Manager, Team Member, Director and Team Incharge. You can edit the role name of Director and Team Incharge whereas you cannot edit the role name of Admin, Manager and Team Member as they are the standard roles of Zoho People. Please refer to the following table for the user addition details:

PlanTotal number of users
Free PlanOnly 5 users
Standard PlanUpto 25 users
Premium PlanUpto 50 users
Enterprise PlanUpto 100 users

You can also have the option of purchasing 10 user add-on in the enterprise plan. If you would like to purchase more than 500 user licenses, please contact us at support@zohopeople.com. Learm more about pricing.

How to resend invitation to the employees?

  1. Click Setup > Users under Users & Permissions.
  2. Select Invitedfrom the third drop-down list. Click on the pointed icon as shown in the image below to resend the invitation to the user. Learn more about user listing.


  • The employee should accept the invitation in order to join the organization.

How do I convert an existing employee profile user into a login user and view the list of ex-employees?

To migrate the non-user to login user:

  1. Click Setup > Users under Users & Permissions.
  2. Select Non-User from the third drop-down list. Click on the icon as shown in the image below to migrate the non-user to invited users and once the user accepts the invitation, he/she comes under Login Enabled.

You can view the list of ex-employees as follows:

  1. Click Setup > Users under Users & Permissions.
  2. Click Ex-Employees to view the list of ex-employees. Learn more about user listing.

How many administrators can I have in my Zoho People account and what is the difference between Super-Admin and Admin?

It depends on the plan you have purchased. Learn more about our pricing comparison.

Only one Super-admin.Number of Admins.
Super-Admin has unrestricted access to all modules.Admin also has unrestricted access to all modules.
All license related emails would be sent to the Super-Admin email ID.Admins won't get any license related emails.

Will the terminated employees account for the user license and how to mark an employee as terminated?

No, the terminated employees will not be accounted for the user license.To mark an employee as terminated, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Organization > Employee.
  2. Select an employee from the employee list.
  3. Click Edit > Employee Status.
  4. Select Terminated from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Save.

Can admin edit photo and email ID of other employees?

Yes, Admin can edit the photo of other employees in the organization. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Click Setup > Company Settings > Photo Settings.
  2. Enable Display admin uploaded photooption.

For privacy reasons, we have not given permission to users to change the email IDs of other users. However, one can edit the email ID by themselves by logging into Zoho Accounts.

How do I change the Super-Administrator of my account?

The system will automatically consider the first user who creates the organization as the Super-Admin. However, you can later change the role of another Admin as the Super-Admin, as per your need and requirements. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Click Setup > Company Settings > Super-Administrator.
  2. Click the drop-down list to select a user (new Super-Admin).


  • Only Admin users will be listed under the Super-Administrator list.

How do I mark an employee as favorite?

A favorite employee is someone you frequently contact in your organization. Simply tap the star on the employee profile to mark it as favorite. Once you have marked an employee as favorite, you will be able to access it any time from the Favorites tab under Home.