What is the difference between job and work item?

JobWork Item
A job is a task that is either assigned to you by someone in your organization or you work on your own tasks.A work item is a task activity or a subtask relating to a particular job.
All the jobs can be grouped under different projects. The main objective of projects is to create visibility of clients only at the administrative and the users will know only the projects and jobs.A work item is associated to a job.

What is time logs and timesheets?

Time Logs: Time spend on each job activity recorded by an employee is called time logs. It is used for recording the time duration of the task.

Timesheets: A timesheet is a group or summary of time logs. It is generated and send for approval process. Learn more about time logs and timesheets.

Why am I unable to start the timer and how can I resume a timer?

You cannot use the timer to log time for multiple work items at the same time. Before starting a timer, make sure the timer is not running and is currently stopped. You can resume a timer from its current state at any time you want and it can be added for only current day. Learn more about timer.

Why am I unable to assign jobs to myself?

Click Time Tracker > Settings > General Settings > Job Assigner. If you do not have access to settings, please contact your administrator. Learn more about the time tracker settings.

How do I view my timesheets that I sent for approval and waiting for approval?

Click Time Tracker > Timesheets > My Timesheets. It lists all your timesheets that you generated and sent for approval, timesheets that you saved as draft, timesheets that are still pending for approval and timesheets that are rejected. Learn more about timesheets.

How to integrate Zoho People time tracker with Zoho CRM Accounts/Contacts module?

  1. Click Time Tracker > Projects/Jobs > Projects > Add Project.
  2. Provide Project Name.
  3. Select Client Name directly or click Choose from CRMto select clients from CRM Account/Contact.
  4. Provide Project Cost.
  5. Click in the Associate Jobs box to select the jobs to get associated with the project.
  6. Click Submit. Learn more about the time tracker integration with Zoho CRM.


  • Moreover, time tracker is also integrated with Zoho Invoice/Books. After generating the bill, you can push it to Zoho Invoice/Books for invoicing purpose. While pushing the bill, Contacts, Tax, Invoice, Currency and client details will be also pushed to Zoho Invoice/Books.

How will we compare the timesheet features in Zoho People/Projects/Books?

Timesheet features in Zoho People: Enables you to log time and generate timesheets for various recorded jobs. The generated timesheets can be later send for approval, used for billing purpose and the data can also be used for payroll process.

Timesheet features in Zoho Projects: Benefit you log and track time spent on a task, record actual hours against your projects which enables you to identify slipping deadlines and gain insight about the time spent, which helps to maximize billable and minimize non-billable hours.

Timesheet features in Zoho Books: Supports you to quickly enter the hours spent on a project task, Bill your clients accurately and Sort, search and track your timesheets by project, task or staff and to stay in total control of your project timesheets.