What is the difference between Job and Work Item?

Job Work Item
A Job is a task that is either assigned to you by someone in your organization or you work on your own tasks. A work item is a task activity or a subtask relating to a particular Job.
Job is associated to a Client. Work item is associated to a Job.

What is time logs and timesheets?

Time Logs: Time spend on each Job activity recorded by an employee is called Time Logs. It is used for recording the time duration of the task.

Timesheets: A timesheet is a group or summary of time logs. It is generated and send for approval process.

Why am I unable to start the Timer?

You cannot use Timer to log time for multiple work items at the same time. Before starting a Timer, make sure the Timer is not running and is currently stopped.

Can I resume a Timer?

Yes, you can resume a Timer from its current state at any time you want. Learn More

Why am I unable to assign jobs to myself?

Please make sure you have permission to assign jobs under Time Tracker--> Settings--> General Settings--> Job Assigner. If you do not have access to Settings, please contact your Administrator. Learn more.

How do I view my timesheets that I sent for approval?

Go to Time Tracker tab--> Click Timesheets --> My Timesheets. It lists all your timesheets that you generated and sent for approval, timesheets that you saved as draft, timesheets that are still pending for approval and timesheets that are rejected.

How do I view timesheets that are waiting for my approval?

To view timesheets that are waiting for your approval, go to Time Tracker tab--> Click Timesheets --> My Approvals.

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