What are the plans available in Zoho People and is there a trial version/free plan?

Zoho People offers three affordable plans: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. You can choose the right plan for your organization. We do have a full featured 15-day free trial. Once the trial period gets over, your account will automatically be converted into a Free plan. Free plan offers you most of the modules and features except with few limitations. You can add upto 5 users for free and will get 250 MB of file storage. Please evaluate Zoho People with the free trial plan before you purchase it. Learn more about pricing comparison.

Difference between user logins and employee profiles?

In simple terms, user logins will have login access to the Zoho People account whereas employee profiles will not have login access to the Zoho People account.

User Logins Employee Profiles
Employees can access Zoho People. Employees cannot access Zoho People.
Users can access employee Self-service portal and other forms in the account. These accounts are managed by HR/Administrator for processing employees' leave, attendance and other related form records.
Email ID is mandatory while adding users. Email ID is not mandatory while adding non-users.

How can I purchase more than 100/500 user licenses and is there a discount for yearly subcription?

You can purchase 10 user add-on plan directly from the subscription page and can purchase upto 500 user licenses. For bulk subscription, please contact us at support@zohopeople.com. We will assist you with the license upgrade. You will get two month free service on yearly subscription.

How do I downgrade/upgrade my Zoho People account?

To upgrade account:

  1. Log in as administrator.
  2. Click Subscription at the top of the page.
  3. Choose a plan.
  4. Enter your credit card details and when you are done, click Make Payment.
  5. Your account will be upgraded and you will receive a confirmation email for the same.

To downgrade account:

  1. Login in as administrator.
  2. Click Subscription at the top of the page.
  3. Click Downgrade button available for the basic version and confirm.

How do I change my credit card details and when will you charge my credit card?

To change my credit card details:

  1. Log in as administrator.
  2. Click Subscription at the top of the page. It takes you to the Zoho accounts page.
  3. Click Your Store Details > Billing Details > Change Card.
  4. Provide the updated card details and click Save.

Your credit card will be automatically charged on the same date of every month/year for both monthly and yearly plans. Since this process is automated, you will be charged automatically unless you change your plan to Free Plan. We don't save your credit card details on our servers. Learn more about the private policy.

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