What is the difference between company files and HR files?

Company FilesHR Files
Company files enables you to store all your company files and documents in one place.HR Files enables you to store and share confidential files either to a specific employee or to any role-based employees.
You can share files and documents pertaining to your company operations like Terms and Conditions of Employment, Employee Benefits, Company IT policy etc.,You can share confidential files and documents such as employee payroll records, company agreement files, legal documents etc.,
Files that are added in company files will be shared with all employees around the globe. You can also share files only for a specific location.Files that are added in HR files will be shared only with a specific employee or set of employees who have role permissions in the organization.

What is the maximum file size I can upload and can I upload bulk files?

Zoho People allows you to upload a file of 5 MB size and you can upload only one file at a time. Learn more about HR files.

What does Is Confidential and Share this to Reporting Manager fields under HR Files indicate?

The options, Is Confidential and Share this to Reporting Manager helps you to restrict access to employees from viewing the file.

  • If you select Is Confidential, the file will be not be visible to both employee and the manager but will be stored in the database for HR use.
  • If you select both the options, the file will be visible only to the reporting manager of the employee under subordinates files tab.
  • If none are selected, the file will be visible to the employee under File Shared To Me. Learn more about HR files.