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Whether you have a team of five or five thousand, Zoho People's employee software makes everyday HR tasks a breeze for your employees, managers, and HR department alike. Our self-service portal for employees ensures your workforce always feels supported, no matter where they work from.

What is employee software?

Employee software is a digital application that helps you manage your growing workforce. It takes care of your basic people operations like database management, time and attendance, professional development, and employee appraisals. It also ensures you have all the right data for processing payroll or benefits.

Database management

Time and attendance

Professional development

Employee appraisals

Why invest in employee software?

Managing employee data is a herculean task if you do not have the right systems. Right from maintaining records, ensuring national and international compliance, and assisting team members with their daily HR work, employee software can take care of it all.

Secure database that scales

Build your organization, complete with departments, locations, and employees, in just a few steps.

Anywhere, anytime access to data

Ensure quick and easy access to employee info and enable employees to take care of their tasks from anywhere.

Team management made easy

Keep managers and employees on the same page with instant notifications and emails when requests are made or approvals are needed.

Powerful integrations

Organizations use multiple applications for their different business requirements. Zoho People integrates with many Zoho and third-party applications like Zoho Payroll, Quickbooks, Zapier, and more.

Comprehensive and efficient employee management software

Streamline employee managementEmpower managers and employeesPut privacy and security firstAnalyze workforce trends

Streamline employee management

Build your organization tree with all your business entities, branches, and departments across the globe. Map your employees to their respective worksites and manage their data as you scale.

Empower managers and employees

Allow employees to self-manage their everyday activities like marking attendance, logging time for their projects, or requesting time off. Managers can instantly approve or reject requests while also keeping track of employee work progress, availability, and performance.

Put privacy and security first

With roles and permissions and field-level access management, your data is safe and secure. Zoho People is also enables compliance with global regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

Learn more about privacy and security

Analyze workforce trends

Right from your hiring and attrition trends to your company's growth rate, Zoho People gives you the insights you need with default and custom reports.

Frequently asked questions

What does employee software mean?

Employee management software is built to take care of your people operations and build error-free HR processes. It holds your entire employee database and provides HR teams with the tools they need to manage a company's workforce, whether in-person or remote.

What are some key features of employee software?

  • Scalable employee database
  • Employee shift scheduling
  • Time and attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Work progress tracking
  • Reviews and appraisals
  • HR process automation
  • Approvals management

Who uses employee software?

HR teams for small businesses or enterprises use employee software to manage their workforce. With the help of employee software, HR departments can seamlessly automate routine tasks, ensure their records are error-free, and focus on complex people management initiatives instead of repetitive administrative work.

How much does Zoho People's employee software cost?

Zoho People's employee software starts from just  /employee/month with a 30-day free trial.

Employee software for efficient HR management

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