What is Employee Management?

Employee management encompasses all the important functions of an HR department. Right from choosing the right talent to helping them perform their best and grow in their careers, employee management is the foundation of an organization's success.

What can good employee management do for your organization?


Agile processes

Efficient employee management means your HR processes run with best-in-class tools that scale as your workforce expands across the globe. Simplify routine work, maintain error-free records, and customize workflows to fit your exact HR needs.


Higher productivity, lower cost

Employee turnover, low engagement rates, and inefficient processes can cost your organization. Strategic employee management can enable better practices and identify issues at earlier stages, thereby improving productivity.


Better insights into your workforce

Employee management allows you to get a more comprehensive look at your workforce and operations. It gives accurate and actionable insights into employee performance, retention, turnover, and more.

The best employee management software

Strategic employee management in today's remote work environment calls for a digital software application that's scalable and easy to use. With Zoho People's employee management software, you can apply better strategies faster and build a culture of growth.

Do away with filing cabinets and spreadsheetsMultiple services. One solution. Optimize your HR and payroll processingAutomate. Expedite. Notify. Build your organization and employee treeManage performance and development

Do away with filing cabinets and spreadsheets

Add employees, automate tasks, and access all the workforce details you need in a single space. Save time and improve efficiency with Zoho People's employee management software.

Multiple services. One solution.

Access everything you need for improved employee management in a centralized location. From time and attendance to leave and performance, we've got it all covered. Customize and tailor the app to your requirements and start focusing on your people.

Optimize your HR and payroll processing

Calculate working hours, total days off, overtime, and shift allowances to optimize payroll processing. Take advantage of an organized document management system powered with e-sign capabilities to keep processes running smooth, and simplify your appraisal cycle with Zoho People.

Automate. Expedite. Notify.

You manage multiple HR processes, and not everything can be taken care by your staff. Automate your process with simple, guided workflows, and stay on top of every task with push and email notifications.

Build your organization and employee tree

If you're a company with multiple business units and a global footprint, we've got you covered. Build your organization's structure, map employees accordingly, and go about your day without any bottlenecks.

Manage performance and development

Empower managers with all the tools they need to guide their employees. Assign goals, track progress, provide feedback, and run continuous performance reviews to ensure employees are on the right track.

A powerful employee management system for your HR needs

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