Cloud-based clocking system

Shift your organization’s clocking system to the cloud, and streamline your time tracking process. Bid farewell to punch cards and excel sheets, and revolutionize your clocking system to suit the growing needs of your business.

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Organize with clarity

Simplify your time tracking system with accurate records of daily clock-in, clock-out, and absences. Easily maintain and access digital records from outside the office with intuitive cloud services. You can track daily, weekly, and monthly attendance and seamlessly schedule jobs with real-time information.

\ Organize with clarity

Configure with ease

  • Manage shifts

    Create and manage shifts for your entire roster from one place! You can also periodically rotate shifts according to your needs and set different hourly rates based on the shift. Every time there’s a swap, schedule change, or any other alert, your employees get notified through the notification center.

    manage shifts
  • Define control breaks

    Take full control of your break management, from defining breaks and classifying them as payable or non-payable to automating permissions. Configure all the features to make employee attendance a walk in the park.

    define control breaks
manage shiftsdefine control breaks

Customize as you please

Geo-fencing and IP based permissions

Enable your mobile employees to check in from anywhere with customizable location and IP-based settings. Let nothing hold your team back when they are on the move. Allow for flexibility with mobile and web-based check-in. Our clocking system helps you customize your attendance policies and integrate with biometric devices.

People Geo-fencing

Efficient in more than one way

  • Timesheets

    Say goodbye to outdated time cards and step into the world of contextual timesheets. Schedule jobs, track progress, and manage tasks with more clarity. Record your employees’ daily time logs and validate them error-free. Zoho People also integrates with Zoho Books, Quickbooks, and Zoho Invoice for easy billing and invoice generation.

  • Reports

    Gain better insights into your employees’ performance and task status with analytical reports. Browse through reports and charts on data such as Scheduled vs. Completed tasks. Draw inference from attendance and job scheduling patterns.


"One of the best things about Zoho People is its flexibility. It is not used just by our HR department but also by our Delivery Leaders, Office Management, Training Department and Finance Departments."

Zuzana ReingraberovaEvent & Training Manager, Tesena

"For us it was really convenient to have the possibility to add additional users one-by-one upon hire, after reaching the limit for 50 people, without the need to purchase another block for 100+ people."

Iryna NahornaCOO, Innocode

"We used Adrenalin HR for over a year. We wanted to change to a software that was more user friendly for employees across all departments, and we chose Zoho People."

Pavan H.RSenior HR Manager, Medlife

Define, automate, and manage your time and attendance with Zoho People's clocking system.

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