Check in

You can check-in and check-out your time directly from your mobile phone. With the Zoho People mobile time clock you can set IP restrictions to ensure control over where and when your employee clocks-in.  Combined with features like the easy buddy search and on-the-go colleague information (already available on the iPhone app), Zoho People for android goes above and beyond.



  1. alexander Hinojosa

    If we use this for our consultants (onsite with client) could the client approve the time card? Would this solution work for a consulting firm?

    • Aarthi Elizabeth

      Hi Alexander,
      The concerned manager (in your organization) can approve the consultants time card. A report or bill can be raised and sent to your clients.

  2. Kristopher Keating

    How do I log into the app if I use my Google Apps account to use and manage Zoho People?

    • Aarthi Elizabeth

      We will support this feature shortly.

  3. Praveen Inbarajan

    A couple of questions.

    – How has the response been from users/employees?
    – Does Zoho employees use the app to check-in and out?


    • Aarthi Elizabeth

      Yes we do! Zoho Employees can use the mobile app to check in and out, with the IP restrictions in place.

  4. scott wells

    Nice blog… Thanks

    Can you take the next step in mobile tools by joining this clock in functionality with Zoho two step authorization security. The mobile phone continues to be the ideal tool for mobile employees. The more business application tools we offer in mobile devices the more we need stronger security.

    • Aarthi Elizabeth

      Thank you! Zoho People does support two step authorization security when you log in to the mobile app.