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Benefits of blended learning software

Synchronous learning

Caters to different learning styles

Flexible and cost-effective.


Reports and analytics

What is blended learning?

As simple as it sounds, blended learning is a combination of an online and classroom learning experience. Moving away from traditional face-to-face learning systems, blended learning allows for engaging, multimedia study while maintaining an in-the-classroom effect. Switching to a blended learning model requires planning and powerful software to streamline the process. Here's how Zoho People can help.

What does Zoho People have to offer?

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Create targeted learning

A core factor in blended learning is creating courses with focused subject matter and specific goals. Zoho People allows you to create courses targeted at particular departments, job roles, skill sets, and locations.

Learn at your own rhythm

Self-paced learning allows for better understanding. Zoho People lets you provide your learners with e-materials like ebooks, videos, external links, and more as part of the blended learning experience.

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Train virtually

Get started with modern virtual training, and give your employees that in-the-classroom effect. Connect subject matter experts and learners from anywhere across the globe, and make learning accessible and efficient.

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Conduct discussions

Discussions allow for better learning and retention. Let employees share their perspectives and analyze topics extensively.

Trainer's corner

Whether it's virtual or classroom training, trainers can add their course materials, provide assignments for employees, mark attendance, and add scores—all from within Zoho People.

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Collect feedback to improve

You can collect feedback about the course and trainers. This allows you to see from your learners how each course is succeeding and failing so you can make any necessary changes.

Analyze your training methods

Make proactive decisions. Get detailed reports to understand and analyze your top and under performing courses, best learners, training methods, and everything in between.

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