Online Biometric Attendance Management.

A seamless sync between your biometric device and Zoho People.

  • 150 + Biometric integrations
  • 700K + Employees check in/out every month
  • 2000 + Organizations around the globe
  • Real-time attendance
  • Reduce false entries
  • Increase accuracy
  • Boost transparency
  • Regularize Attendance
  • Better Experience
  • Get real-time attendance updates.

    Not sure who's present in your department? Need to check the availability of a resource? Zoho People seamlessly fetches data from your biometric device, making it easy to learn employee absences instantly. You can make data-driven decisions with reports about employee status, daily attendance summaries, early and late arrivals and departures, and over-time.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management
  • Reduce false entries and buddy punching

    Unlike unsecured time cards and manual register entries, your biometric attendance system and Zoho People together can cut through erroneous data and make way for reliable attendance management, while also protecting your organization from unauthorized entries.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management
  • Increase accuracy in payroll processing

    A simple miscalculation of working hours can lead to over- and under-payments. But your biometric device and Zoho People can work in harmony to accurately calculate the hours clocked by every individual, including any overtime. When there is accurate data, then processing payroll is a breeze.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management
  • Boost transparency and accountability

    Whether you need to know who's worked overtime or who's arrived late, you can check records anytime, from anywhere, thereby making employees accountable for the time they've spent in the office, while also boosting transparency.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management
  • Regularize attendance

    Even if employees forget their ID cards, or if there's an issue with your biometric, Zoho People provides robust back-up measures. Employees can always check-in/out from the web or specify their worked hours, send them for approval, and regularize attendance.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management
  • Give employees a better experience

    Zoho People empowers employees, allowing them to access attendance updates, track their own records, and regularize attendance, all by themselves. The information from your biometric devices is synced to Zoho People, making it easy for employees to be sure of the time they've worked without having to remember passwords or manually punch in or out.

    Online Biometric Attendance Management

Why Zoho People for
your attendance management?


    Saves time and money


    Securely processes data


    Eliminates proxy entries


    Captures real-time attendance


    Reduces payroll errors


    Gives employees a digital experience


    Puts focus on your people

  • We used Adrenalin HR for over a year. We wanted to change to a software that was more user- friendly for employees across all departments and chose Zoho People

    - Pavan H.R, Senior HR Manager

    Online Biometric Attendance Management

  • We use the reports feature a lot for various insights, specifically reports on leave module report, attendance, and user rating.

    - Reshmi S, HR Professional

    Online Biometric Attendance Management

  • It's great to have our attendance, timseheets and employee database all in a single location. Zoho People has a very good support system.

    - Pravin Khopkar, Manager Administration

    Online Biometric Attendance Management


Attendance for your mobile employees.

Calculating attendance for your mobile workforce is now a cakewalk. Zoho People's mobile app with IP and Geo-tracking allows your employees to mark attendance from their work locations, securely. They can also stay informed of their colleagues' availability.

Attendance for your mobile employees.

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