Automate Patch Management on cloud anytime, anywhere

  •  Steer clear of vulnerabilities and cyberattacks with Patch Manager Plus.
  •  Manage systems across the network seamlessly, right from the cloud console.
  •  Patch systems hosted on AWS and Azure instances with Patch Manager Plus cloud.
  •  Seamlessly deploy updates for Windows, macOS, Linux, and 850+ third-party applications.

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Cloud-based patching is the way forward

Managing a hybrid environment of computers, minimal investments for infrastructure and maintenance, improved productivity and less downtime - account for why you should adopt cloud-based patch management!

Automated Patch management

Automate all phases of patch management - from scanning, assessment, deployment and reporting.

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Third party applications patching

Manage and deploy patches to over 850+ 3rd party applications such as Adobe, Java, WinRAR and more.

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Flexible deployment policies

Customize patch deployment policies at ease, to meet your unique business needs.

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Test & approve patches

Create test groups, test patches and approve for deployment to production environments automatically.

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Windows 10 Feature Update Deployment

Deploy latest Windows 10 feature updates without affecting your productivity.

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Decline patches/applications

Prioritize your deployment by declining less critical patches, declined patches can be rolled back and revoked for deployment.

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Complete process of Patch management automated on cloud

Latest patches - database sync

The vulnerability database is always up-to-date with the latest patches.

Scan and detect missing patches

Scan the computers and detect the missing patches on a real time basis.

Download and deploy

Download the missing patches & deploy the approved patches automatically.

"Since we’ve deployed ManageEngine's patch management, we have been able to manage our ever-growing environment with much ease. We are now able to easily deploy updates and patches to these end-point, addressing the increasing risk of outdated systems"


Jacobus SteynManager, IT Operations, Kingprice Insurance.

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Manage computers and patch the vulnerabilities on the go!

Now you can keep a better monitor over the latest vulnerabilities by being capable of patching the machines anywhere from the mobile

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Patch Management?

    Patch management is the cumulative process of scanning a network of computers for missing patches, downloading them on a central server and deploying them to computers so as to keep them up to date with the latest versions of all applications.

  • Why is Patch Management so important?

    Patches are released to address security concerns, fix performance issues etc. Certain critical patches address vulnerabilities, which if left unattended can result in external attacks in the form of ransomware, cross site scripting attacks, brute force attacks etc.

  • How cloud patch management software works?

    In case of cloud based patch management, a cloud server communicates with the client machines. Once the missing patches are detected, they are downloaded onto the server and deployed to the client machines remotely. This helps in on-the-go patch management.

  • Patch management best practices

    Automate patch management, test and approve before deployment, follow a critical updates first approach, upgrade to the latest versions of Windows.

  • Why ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus Cloud?

    Patch Manager Plus cloud covers automated patch deployment - with test and approve deployments. You can schedule deployment window and relax, with deployments happening at specified intervals with no bandwidth bottlenecks and minimal failure in updations.

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