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Zoho's partner tier system provides recognition and differentiation for partners in the eyes of customers and prospects. Partner tiers are primarily based on revenue accomplishments. Tenure and engagement with Zoho will also play a qualitative role, especially for partners who are not primarily focused on CRM. We plan to assess this at the end of each year, before announcing tiers for the following year.

We have established three tiers of partners at Zoho, with increasing levels of seniority-Zoho Authorized Partner, Zoho Advanced Partner, and Zoho Premium Partner. An Authorized Partner requires minimum qualification, whereas the Advanced and Premium partners have significantly higher qualifications. Partners will get a Tier Badge (that they can display in email signatures, partner websites, collateral, etc.), as well as premium listing on Zoho sites. For 2018, we have set the following conditions for qualification, based on data collected across our global partners.

1. Authorized Partner: Any partner with at least $5,000 in annual revenue qualifies as a Zoho Authorized Partner. This allows them access to a number of Zoho facilities and privileges.

2. Advanced Partner: This includes partners who have generated an annual revenue growth of at least $75,000 from the previous year. In some cases, we have lowered the mark if the partner had a sufficiently large revenue base.

3. Premium Partner: This includes partners who have achieved a revenue growth of at least $200,000 from the previous year. This represents the top-most partner tier.


Partner's listing on Zoho Partner Website YES YES YES
Priority Listing NO YES
(with Advanced Partner Badge)
(with Premium Partner Badge)
Dedicated Account Manager (Work with partners on their goals, assist with customer deals, provide resources and event support, and more.) NO YES
(selectively, based on region)
Large Deal Support (Priority support, pre-sales engagement, meetings with Cx for deals >20 users or $5000 in revenue) YES YES YES
Priority Partner Support (Support requests from Premium Tier Partners will be treated as high priority) NO YES YES
Marketing Events, Meetups, and/or Zoho Participation NO YES
(selectively, based on region)