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Rewarding holistic partner performance

Zoho’s Partner Tier system provides distinction, recognition, and tier-specific benefits to Zoho Consulting Partners. There are three tiers in the Zoho Partner Program, and a Partner’s tier is determined by their performance score at the time of the evaluation cycle. Performance scores are calculated annually using the Zoho Partner Value Scoring system.

Tiers of the Zoho Consulting Partner Program

The Consulting Partner Program has three tiers: Authorized, Advanced, and Premium. A Partner’s tier depends on their overall score during the Value Scoring process. Based on their tier, Partners receive a badge to display on their website and in emails, marketing collateral, and more. They also get access to tier-specific benefits, like a Zoho Partner directory listing.

More information about the three Partner tiers and the minimum score needed to qualify for each tier is given below.

Authorized Partner

To be formally enrolled in the program as an Authorized Partner, a Partner must cross the $5,000 revenue threshold, acquire required certifications, and demonstrate implementation successes within six months of onboarding. If a Partner cannot meet the criteria, their status will be re-evaluated and may be terminated.

Advanced Partner

Advanced Partners are expected to demonstrate a higher level of achievement in terms of revenue, implementation success, certifications, and customer engagement. For 2023, the minimum value score required for Advanced Partners is 300 points. In other words, to be eligible for the Advanced tier, a partner must score more than 300 points during the Value Scoring process.

Premium Partner

This is the highest level a Partner can achieve within the Zoho Consulting Partner Program. A Partner at this tier is expected to demonstrate the highest level of accomplishment in the areas of revenue, implementation success, certifications, and customer engagement. To be eligible for the Premium tier, a Partner must earn a value score greater than 450 points.

Note: For the Home region of a partner, the Global Partner value score will be considered to determine their tier. For all other regions, their regional Partner Value score will be considered. In other words their tier will not carry forward from the home region. Global score will take in to account global revenue, customer success etc while the regional score will only consider these data points for that region only.

Zoho Partner Value Scoring System

The Zoho Partner value score is determined by a Partner’s performance in four categories: Revenue, Customer Success, Market Readiness, and Zoho Engagement. Each category includes multiple parameters, each focusing on a specific goal. A Partner can score a maximum of 1,000 points across categories, as explained below.

How do we define our categories and parameters?


The first category is Revenue, and it takes into account a Partner's revenue impact for the year. It consists of two parameters: Revenue Growth and New Customer Acquisition. All revenue numbers are calculated pre-commission.

Revenue Growth

Revenue growth represents the increase in Zoho Licensing revenue recorded by the Partner in a year. For example, if a Partner's Zoho licensing revenue for the year 2022 was $1,000,000 and it is increased to $1,500,000 in 2023, then the Partner's revenue growth amounts to $500,000. Partners can achieve a maximum of 400 points for meeting or exceeding the benchmark of this parameter.

Note: Revenue benchmarks vary by location.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition measures the total number of new customers onboarded by a Partner in a year. Partners can only earn points if they acquire a minimum of 10 new customers. Once 10 new customers have been onboarded, the Partner earns 10 points for every 10 customers, up to 100 points.

Customer Success

Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

CRR refers to the percentage of customers a Partner retained in a year. Partners are assigned a score equal to their CRR. For instance, if a Partner's CRR is 82%, 82 points will be added to their overall score.


A customer satisfaction (CSAT) score measures customers' overall satisfaction with Zoho. Invariably, this score is determined by a combination of service and product experiences. CSAT scores are based on ratings collected directly from a Partner's customers. For every 4 or 5-star rating provided by a customer, the Partner gains 10 points, up to 100 points.


This parameter measures the number of valid customer escalations tagged to a Partner's account. For every valid escalation, 10 points are deducted from the Partner's overall score. Note: The Partner Operations team will complete the first level of validation, and then the Partner Manager will contact both parties (customer and partner) to validate the escalation further. The Partner Manager retains complete control in determining the validity of escalations.

Market Readiness

Knowledge, specialization, Zoho expertise, and implementation practices are crucial to Partner success. Points are awarded based on the number of certified Zoho Developers, Admins, Associates, and Consultants the Partner works with.


To maintain their tier, a Partner is expected to take training courses, get certified, and retain their certifications throughout their journey. If a Partner has more than three certifications, they get 5 points for each certificate and can earn a maximum of 100 points.


Every new project and successful marketplace integration updated on the Partner profile adds 10 points to their overall score. Within this parameter, a Partner can earn a maximum of 100 points.

Case Studies

Every case study approved by the Zoho team is worth 10 points, and within this parameter, Partners can earn a maximum of 100 points.

Zoho Engagement

Zoho Practice

Partners can score up to 25 points based on the total number of employees in their organization dedicated to selling Zoho products.

Zoho Campaigns

Every Zoho campaign that a partner runs is worth 5 points. Within this parameter, Partners can earn a maximum of 25 points.

Zoho Branding

Based on how accurately (according to the guidelines) a partner uses Zoho branding, a Partner Account Manager can assign them up to 50 points.

Note: Campaigns can include booths at industry events, co-sponsored webinars with industry bodies, standalone events, and SEO/SEM/paid campaigns.

Partner Benefits

BenefitsNew Partner Authorized Partner Advanced Partner Premium Partner
Partner's listing on Zoho Partner Website
Priority Listing
(with Advanced Partner Badge)

(with Premium Partner Badge)
Dedicated account manager (to work with the Partner on their goals, assist with customer deals, provide resources and event support, and more)
(selectively, based on region)
Large deal support (priority partner support, pre-sales engagement, operational assistance)
Priority partner support (support requests from Premium Partners will be treated as high priority)
Event invites (Marketing events, webinars, meetups, and/or Zoho participation)
(selectively, based on region)
Certificate of Partnership
Marketing resources
Complimentary licenses
Demo accounts

Partner Value Scoring Criteria and Score Table

Parameters Sub-category Maximum Partner Value Score Criteria
RevenueRevenue Growth400Annual revenue must be >5K USD. Revenue benchmark for developed region: 200K USD; for developing region: 130K USD
Customer Growth100No. of new customers must be >10. Partner earns 10 points for every 10 new customers.
Customer SuccessCustomer Retention Rate (CRR)100

Partner CRR score is calculated as - (100-churn rate) for the year.

Churn Rate= (Net Cancel Count/Active Customer at the start of the year) For example:To calculate the CRR for 2023, we have to take the cancellations and re-activations into account and find net ["cancellations"] for 2023.

If, Cancel count= 100 and Re-activations= 30, Net cancel= 70

If at the start of 2023, the active customer count is 500 then, the churn would be (70/500 *100)= 14% churn. CRR is 100-14 which is 86 %

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score100Every 4 and 5-star rating adds 10 points to the Partner's overall performance score.
Escalations-100Every valid customer escalation results in a deduction of 10 points. If the escalation is
Market ReadinessCertifications100No. of certificates must be >/=3.
For every certification = or more than 3, the partner can be assigned 15 points up to a maximum of 100.
Projects100For every project or successful marketplace integration, the Partner receives 10 points.
Customer Case Studies100For every Zoho-approved case study/customer testimonial, Partner receives 10 points.
Zoho EngagementZoho Practice25Determined by the number of employees dedicated to selling Zoho products. 1-5 employees: 5 points 6-10: 10 points 11-15: 15 points 16-20: 20 points 20+: 25 points
Zoho Campaigns25For every Zoho campaign a partner runs, they will be awarded 5 points.
Zoho Branding50Based on how well partners utilize Zoho branding, Partner Managers can assign them up to 50 points.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different tiers within the Zoho Consulting Partner Program?

    There are three different tiers within the Zoho Consulting Partner Program- Authorized, Advanced, and Premium.

  • How can I check my partner tier status?

    Your Partner Tier Status will be updated both within the Partner Store and on 'Find a Partner' Page.

  • Is the tier evaluation process carried out every year?

    Yes, the tier evaluation process repeats annually. At the end of the evaluation, a score is assigned based on your performance during the year, after which your tier status will be updated by January the following year. Once your tier status gets updated, you will be able to access all the tier-specific benefits.

  • How can I access the updated tier logo after a tier change?

    Once your tier status gets updated after the annual tier evaluation process, you will be able to download the new tier logo from the 'Partner Profile' tab within the Partner Store.

  • Will I get notified if my tier status changes?

    You will receive a email notifying you of your tier status change at the end of the evaluation process. You can also check your tier status on the Partner Store.

  • We did not receive an email about our tier update this year. What should I do?

    You can drop an email to partner-operations@zohocorp.com or reach out to your PAM.

  • Where do I raise my concerns regarding the tier evaluation result?

    You can drop an email to partner-operations@zohocorp.com or reach out to your PAM.

  • Where should I raise my query regarding the updated partner program?

    You can drop an email to partner-operations@zohocorp.com or reach out to your PAM.

  • Where can I use the tier logo?

    You can use your partner tier logo on your website, email signature, all branding campaigns, and other marketing collaterals.
  • How can I get listed in the Zoho Partner Directory?

    Once you move to the Authorized Partner Tier or above, you can update your Partner Profile on the Partner Store. Once our team approves this, your profile will be listed in the directory.

  • How can customers find Zoho Partners?

    Customers can find Zoho Partners on the 'Find a Partner' page.

  • What are the benefits of being listed in the partner directory?

    Getting listed in the partner directory increases your brand visibility and aids lead generation. It also draws attention to your expertise through your product certifications and case studies that get listed on the directory. All of this enables customers to choose a partners based on their expertise and region of operation.