Uncover hidden stats and make informed decisions

PageSense’s Website Analytics gives you a complete picture of your site’s metrics so you can identify your best customer segment and streamline marketing efforts. Find out how visitors landed on your website, know when they complete a goal on your page, identify the pages that bring conversions, and more.

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Why do you need Website Analytics?

  •  Real-time data
  •  Segment and filter reports
  •  Data visualization
  •  Track acquisition behavior conversion cycle

PageSense dashboard

With numerous metrics to track, PageSense’s analytics dashboard breaks them down, making it easier to dissect and study your online business.

Acquisition data

Acquisition data    
  •  Get an overview of your website’s performance, including which channels—organic search, direct, referral, or paid advertising—drive traffic to your site
  •  Find which geographical areas work best for you
  •  Get to know the exact source that brings you more visitors and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly

Behavioral data

Behavioral data    
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of visitor behavior
  •  See how your visitors interact with your website
  •  Learn which pages interest them, how long they stay on each one, and where they enter and exit your site
website goals

Keep a tab on your website goals

You can also track and view visitor goal completion such as form submissions, product purchases, ebook downloads, and more.

Key benefits of Web Analytics
  •  Get an accurate overview of your marketing programs and their performance
  •  Generate leads in quality and quantity
  •  Reduce cost-per-acquisition (CPA) on re-targeting campaigns
  •  Observe which blogs/landing pages have higher customer retention
  •  Diagnose and improve issues with your website’s performance