Track and analyze your website goals

Every website has multiple goals, serving various functions and catering to diverse audiences. Be it a webinar registration, CTA clicks, or newsletter signups, PageSense's Goals feature helps you record website conversions over time and across countries, devices, and audience segments.

Set Goals for every experiment you run

Key Features

  • Track dynamic elements
  • Track multiple goals at once
  • Real-time data
  • Filter and segment reports

What can you track using PageSense’s Goals?

PageSense lets you track goals and measure their metrics across multiple pages and platforms in real time.

Element clicks

Record the number of clicks on any website element such as a CTA button, brand logo, or a product. Track one or more web elements simultaneously using the element selector without having to type a single line of code.

Time spent on a web page

Track conversions whenever a visitor meets the set time limit on your web page.

Link clicks

Track the number of clicks by a user on your website. You can run experiments on multiple web pages using our advanced URL targeting option.

Custom goals

Whether contact form submissions or increase in sign-ups from a specific geography, create custom goals and record conversions every time a specific condition is met.

What can you do with PageSense’s Heatmaps?

Detailed reports

Get insights on regions where business goals are performing better and combine segments to get a complete view of your conversions.

Detailed reports Detailed reports Detailed reports
Powerful segmentation Powerful segmentation Powerful segmentation

Powerful segmentation

Drill down to view reports for specific sets of website visitors. Find the audience segments that drive the major parts of your traffic and the campaigns that have given you the best results.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Effortlessly monitor your AdWords traffic across various channels, including website visits, email marketing, and social media. Gain valuable insights on your AdWords campaign performance and leverage this data to improve your AdWords strategies and conversions.

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